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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Zipper (ZIP): A Smartphone Friendly Cryptocurrency


Zipper (ZIP): A Smartphone Friendly Cryptocurrency

Zipper (ZIP) is responsible for the creation of a mobile platform that brings Blockchain-based solutions to the general public by making them easier to use. The aim of the project is to increase the number of devices that are powered by Blockchain technology, while also ensuring its simple operations.

This will be different from the operation of other Blockchains like Ethereum in the sense that even though, those Blockchains allow for a new decentralized market, they are often not user-friendly. An example is in the handling of one’s private keys which can seriously hinder the mass adoption of the services of various Blockchain.

The Zipper (ZIP) group is a group that specializes in the construction of open source mobile operating systems and products. In the past, they have helped in the construction of Nokia’s Meego OS. They were also responsible for the founding of Jolla in the year 2011, pivotal to the creation of the Sailfish OS which is currently licensed by a lot of industry players and other large countries.

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Zipper (ZIP): Features and Objectives

In order to create a Blockchain friendly mobile app, below are some key cornerstones that Zipper aims to construct.

  • A strong cellular dapp ecosystem that will be funded in part by the Zipper project. The purpose of this ecosystem is to supply users of the Zipper platform with the services they need in a simple and safe way. DApps is based on self-executing smart contracts and on runs on decentralized peer-to-peer networks, instead of working slowly on centralized servers. DApps brings to its users, more control over personal data.
  • A community and developer program for Sony Xperia devices, in order to enable the easier integration of solutions by app developers, to the Zipper platform and also to enable pioneer users do so.
  • To construct a passionate and devoted user and developer community which will be empowered by the Zipper (ZIP) token.
  • To enable the distribution of the Zipper platform to the hands of respective users through Sailfish OS device vendor partnerships; a downloadable and a lending device platform, and through android.

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Zipper (ZIP): issuance and allocation

Zip tokens are ERC20 tokens. In the allocation of the token, 40 percent of the tokens will be sold over several number of years. Then 20 percent of the total tokens will be allocated to dapp developers and the community, also over several number of years. Another 20 percent will be allocated to platform developers and promotion. The last 20 percent of the tokens will be vested in Zipper Global Ltd, and it is to be released during the course of 2 years.

One of the benefits or advantages of Token balances is that it ensures that payments are handled in a protected and trusted manner. To enhance the scalability of the Zipper (ZIP) token transaction, it has been maintained that the implementation of the Token will be done in a very straightforward and transparent manner. This will be achieved by staying as close as possible to pure token functionality.

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