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Zilliqa Price Analysis: Looking Bullish on The Back of Notable Announcements

Days After 2nd Anniversary! Zilliqa (ZIL) To Host Euro-backed Stable Coin


Zilliqa Price Analysis: Looking Bullish on The Back of Notable Announcements

Zilliqa (ZIL) has gained steadily in the past few days with the coin taking advantage of the latest developments within its platform. The coin announced some days back that it had successfully transferred funds from a Ledger Nano S to the Zilliqa testnet.

This news was received warmly by the crypto community as it takes Zilliqa a step closer to achieving Ledger support for its native token (ZIL).

There have been speculations about the recent rise in the coin with many attributing it to the positive movement of premier coin Bitcoin.  Bitcoin rise in the past two months has revived the market which was bearish for more than five months.

Zilliqa has also been one of the frontrunners in terms of technical developments within the blockchain ecosystem. this was highlighted in the recent Consensus 2019 meet where Investors were impressed with the number of solutions presented by developers on its blockchain.

Zilliqa Sharding technology has also seen increased attention towards the blockchain project as it has been hailed as the future of blockchain technology.  These developments have contributed to the recent rise in the value of the coin.

Zilliqa current price analysis

  • Zilliqa (ZIL) ranks 44 on the list of largest coins based on Market Cap
  • As at press time, the price of ZIL was $0.021848 USD
  • Total market value of ZIL is $189,803,627 USD
  • 24-hour trading volume is $123,664,637 USD
  • Total coins in circulation 8,687,360,058 ZIL

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price: weekly Comparison Statistics/Prediction

Zilliqa (ZIL) has experienced an increase in value in the past week with the coin trading at $0.019628 USD on 15-May-2019 with a market cap of $169 million.

Its current market cap has increased by 8.39% compared to yesterday’s figures alongside the price of the coin. When compared to the price a week back, the current price of Zilliqa shows an increase of 11%.

This shows that the coin is making steady price gains if the current trend continues Zilliqa could hit the $0.03 mark by the end of the month.

Adeniyi is a known sport and crypto analyst. He is now a writer, editor at Today's Gazette. The erudite journalist has over 5 years experience in the blockchain industry, coordinating communications among journalists for a cryptocurrency a growing cryptocurrency platform owned by Bright Sport Magazine before becoming a full time crypto analyst at Today's Gazette. Contact: adeniji.olowo@todaysgazette.com

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