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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Popular YouTuber: Wall Street Journal Reportedly Predicted XRP at $1000, Bitcoin at $10,000 this Week

John McAfee – If Bitcoin Breaks $100k, It Will Hit $1 Million, plus Ripple XRP News


Popular YouTuber: Wall Street Journal Reportedly Predicted XRP at $1000, Bitcoin at $10,000 this Week

The cryptocurrency space is at present on a Bull run. Yesternight, Bitcoin jumped from $7,700 to $8900 on some exchanging platforms, carrying other cryptocurrencies along in the surprising bull run.

In 2017 when Bitcoin reached its all-time high, Ripple’s XRP was by far the highest gainer during the period with 25000% gain.

At the moment, expectations are high on the next move of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP since they all saw massive gains yesterday.

Ripple’s XRP at $1000 by 2020, Bitcoin at 10K this Week. How Possible?

Looking at the 24 hours volume of XRP, the digital asset is about forming a massive W an indication it is prepared for a bull run, a cryptocurrency analyst has highlighted, pointing that Bitcoin, considering its present move, will see 10K this week.

The YouTuber by the name ‘The Bearable Bull’ brought another short term forecast, saying XRP will reach $5 to $10 in the next couple of day.

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He pointed at an article he found on Twitter, where Wall Street Journal reportedly forecast XRP would reach $1,000 by 2020. The forecasts, which were made in October 2017, stressed that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP would reach $183,000, $17,000, and $1,000 respectively by January 1st 2020.

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Wall Street Journal on Ripple's XRP

Now, many things have been added to the cryptocurrency space since then. The presence of Fidelity, Microsoft, Bakkt, TD Ameritrade among other institutional investors makes crypto lovers see a better future in digital currency.

The Bearable Bull said Bitcoin is “passing the resistance and a bullish bat pattern” adding that XRP is going to follow in the bullish rally and will eventually touch $5 to $10 range in the next few days.

Trump, XRP, SBI and Japan: Any Link?

The popular Youtuber reflects on the statement of Donald Trump where he talked about digital economy. The bearable bull emphasized that Trump’s romance of Japan will birth something great for cryptocurrency.

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He said Trump intended saying digital currencies where he mentioned digital economy, adding that SBI, a Ripple partner is bigger than imagined in Japan, a country he believe is the center of XRP. His emphasis is that something great will come out from the U.S.-Japan sudden relationship.

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Ripple’s CEO Confident Banks Will Use XRP

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse has reiterated that banks and big financial institutions have no choice than to use cryptocurrency like XRP to stay ahead in satisfying their customers

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Speaking during a lengthy podcast Recode Decode with Kara Swisher on May 20, Brad said Ripple is working with regulators and financial institutions to perfect the adoption of cryptocurrency.

He said banks, government have no choice but to stay with blockchain adoption. Brad added that 99% of banks are satisfied with what Ripple and XRP are offering, pointing that they will embrace crypto as time goes on. However, he’s not sure cryptocurrency will uproot banks considering the way digital asset is shaking the world’s economy.

Disclaimer: This article is not written for financial or trading purpose. It is written for educational and informational purpose only. Cryptocurrency are generally volatile and should be done with financial expert’s guidance. Be warned!

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