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XRP TipBot Working on a Banking License

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XRP TipBot Working on a Banking License

There is definitely going to be a big turnaround in the XRP ecosystem as XRP TipBot moves to get a banking license. Wietse Wind, the cerebral founder of XRP TipBot made this announcement at a Meetup yesterday in Neitherland, which featured bigwigs in the XRP community.

The detail of Weitse Wind’s talk at the XRP Community Meetup on the 20 April was shared by Tiffany Hayden, a distinguished XRP lover who also attended the programme.

She said: “The BIG news from yesterday’s XRP meetup is that WietseWind is in the process of obtaining a banking license for xrptipbot! XRPLLabs is going to bridge the legacy network!”

If XRP TipBot is finally given the banking license, the rear development, will boost the price of the digital currency and open it to more opportunities like institutional and retail adoptions.

The development, according to Fundrastat’s Tom Lee, will definitely be cool for the XRP ecosystem.

Weitse Wind’s XRPL Labs has been a blessing to the XRP ecosystem. Recently, the innovative lab was financially supported by Ripple’s Xpring. Before then, XRP Labs has been on the move to introduce outstanding innovations that have the potential of increasing the adoption of XRP into the ecosystem.

Wind sees his platform as an experimental environment for future project by the XRPL Labs due to the fact that the XRP TipBot already has around 7,500 users who have installed the application.

In the nearest feature, XRP TipBot App would be implementing Bluetooth feature and some other additions.

Few days back, Today’s Gazette announced that XRP Payment App is now available on Google play and Apple Store for download. The app services stores who which to be receiving XRP as a payment option. The app works like a PoS system, giving retailers the opportunity to accept digital currency in their stores.

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