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XRP Now Spendable At One Million Locations In Australia, As Coin Get First Iranian Rial Pair (IRR)

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XRP Now Spendable At One Million Locations In Australia, As Coin Get First Iranian Rial Pair (IRR)

Most coins have begun gearing up for the crypto bull comeback as persons including experts continue to stress its closeness. Ripple’s XRP, after being hit by the introduction of JP Morgan coin which many claim is a threat for the cross border specialist coin, got featured in two outstanding news that placed members of its community in euphoria.

According to an update released today, a platform serving customers in Australia with deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency via wallet, myCryptoWallet, launched a debit card facility called myCryptoCard to allow customers spend crypto in one million locations.

While XRP amongst four other major cryptocurrencies had been integrated on the platform previously, the latest development also allows users to make withdrawal at 30,000 ATMs.

MyCryptoCard stands out amongst other crypto cards to offer flexibility for customers with the addition of Ethereum and Litecoin other than Bitcoin alone. The crypto debit card also offers feeless service for all transactions.

The CEO of the Australian firm, Jaryd Koenigsmann, flagged the card as a desirable development towards cryptocurrency adoption.

“We’re taking a big step to make cryptocurrency a bigger part of offline daily life. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, groceries or new pair of jeans, Australians can now pay in crypto with the myCryptoCard.”

“MyCryptoCard will play a major role in bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the mainstream. The cards mean consumers have the flexibility to use crypto where, how and when they like, and do away with so many of the fees that come about when exchanging back and forth between crypto and fiat,” Koenigsmann said.

While myCryptoWallet has a crypto exchange platform, the new card will be linked with users’ account on the platform.

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Ripple’s XRP Bags First Iranian Rial Pair (IRR)

Just like the above, Ripple’s XRP in a different update grabbed another exciting adoption. A notable cryptocurrency exchange based in Iran, Nobitex, today announced the pairing of the altcoin with the country’s national currency, Iranian rial (IRR).

Counted as the 44th fiat currency to be tradable with XRP, the development is rated a tremendous one for the altcoin especially because SWIFT, in November 2018, suspended some banks in the country from using its messaging system.

While one of the objectives of Nobitex in the FinTech space is “Collaboration with startups and other companies to create a payment gateway through digital currencies to settle with foreign customers“, XRP is sure a great match for the platform.

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The availability of XRP with the Iranian national currency mean all crypto users in the country can easily buy the altcoin without stress, and this may birth new companies joining Ripple in the country.

Iran is a friendly zone for cryptocurrency. Recently, the country issued its own gold-backed cryptocurrency to get around the sanction from US.

While XRP and its foundation company remains a cross border specialist, the pairing of the Iranian Rial (IRR) with the coin could facilitate the use of the blockchain technology for international transactions widely within the country.

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