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XRP is Extremely Superior than BTC, Comparing Bitcoin Utility to Gold a Joke?

XRP is Extremely Superior in Payment than BTC, Comparing Bitcoin Utility to Gold a Joke – Enthusiast


XRP is Extremely Superior than BTC, Comparing Bitcoin Utility to Gold a Joke?

  • Ripple XRP’s utility set it out among other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin
  • BTC only good for payment in which XRP is extremely superior

Ripple XRP community has a very strong and dedicated user-base with members that are ready to defend their worth and the reasons behind their decision to invest in XRP, while they wait patiently for their payday as a reward for their steadfastness.

It has always been like contest between the investors of Ripple XRP, the 3rd largest and Bitcoin (BTC) the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, due to the pedigree and exposures both have garnered being the top assets in the crypto sphere.

Ripple, a US-based technology company, has exposed XRP to a number of great banks of the world, although it has not quite imparted the market price of the digital asset, but there is possibility it would at no distant time.

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Challenging Comment By an XRP User about Bitcoin (BTC) Utility

#DropGold campaign that urges the entire world to invest in Bitcoin instead of Gold has been trending in the cryptocurrency space ever since it emerged, as the crypto enthusiasts believe that BTC has the ability to unseat Gold in the market due to its speedy price growth.

Grayscale recently initiated a #DropGold TV commercial which was launched on 1st May 2019, with a video that was widely liked and watched by crypto enthusiasts.

The video stirred the emotion of some Ripple XRP investors as one of them questioned the message of the video which claimed that BTC has more utility than Gold. He argued that the word utility is made clearer since Bitcoin cannot be used to manufacture humanly needed commodities such jewelries, electronics.

The Ripple XRP investor opined that BTC is only meant for digital payments, in this aspect, he claimed XRP is extremely superior.


In his point, he added the aspect of “Finance” where XRP can be compared with Gold since a number of significant Banks and other trusted institutions across the globe are beginning to integrate Ripple XRP into their payment options due to its low cost of transaction and speed.

Elsewhere, a Twitter user who is presumptuously a Bitcoin fan stressed that she has not seen a tweet about BTC that is not bombarded with FUD from Ripple XRP’s faithful enthusiasts and investors.

In a swift response to her tweet, a Ripple fan claimed that XRP investors always have basis in their defense as the record already set the standard for XRP.

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In setting the record straight while showing that Ripple XRP is the best digital asset, he captioned his post with a data that revealed how the cryptocurrency displaces other digital currencies including Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of transaction speed, scalability and cost.

In a nutshell, Ripple XRP investors are not dissuaded by the fact that XRP price has not seen a significant upsurge in the crypto market, but rather faithfully defending their noteworthy digital asset with an uprising hope that its market price surge will eventually happen to the amazement of the entire cryptocurrency sphere and the world at large.

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