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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

XPA (XPA): Bridging The Gap Between Real World Assets And Digital Assets

XPA (XPA): Bridging The Gap Between Real World Assets And Digital Assets


XPA (XPA): Bridging The Gap Between Real World Assets And Digital Assets

In January, XPA (XPA) 2.0 made a landslide run into the cryptocurrency market. The blockchain is an idea of the TIDEiSun Group; experts in technology development.

Based primarily in Honk Kong and Taiwan, the group has a number of innovation to its credit; like crypto wallets (TidePay and TideWallet) and cloud storage (iSunCloud) amongst many others.

Of particular interest is the mission of the blockchain to tackle problems using finetuned macroeconomic system. This is not so difficult to achieve. XPA’s team include a host of economists looking to the future.  Needless to say, XPA is out to take the bull by the horn on a national – and through blockchain technology – and global scale! Here’s what;

XPA (XPA) Aims At The Vision Of Bitcoin

XPA (XPA) is a cryptocurrency cum blockchain platform vested with the burden of creating a fluid relationship between digital assets and real assets. This way individuals, businesses and corporations in the virtual world can receive their money in fiat. nExt Personal Asset is an initiative of XPA.

It enables individuals the unique feature of overseeing personal businesses and assets. From the foregoing, it is clear that XPA reaches for the original core purpose of Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency).

XPA is therefore a next-generation cryptocurrency that not only eradicates the middleman from liaisions between individuals in the world of tangible assets. It also allows individuals a firsthand thrust between their real and digital assets. This is possible as a result of XPA’s insistence on the exchangeability of XPA assets with other assets within and outside the world of cryptocurrency.

XPA and The Real World of Assets

One big glitch XPA aims to solve is the regulation of monetary policies by the government. In handling this, XPA looks to working out a system for the blockchain world. This means that cryptocurrencies should have a working system outside government intervention that is compatible with the real world. What remains to be answered however is to what degree cryptocurrencies can actually be deployed.

XPA (XPA) Assets And XPA Exchange

XPA Assets are realized when XPA cryptocurrency or other altcoins are used in smart contracts, on the XPA exchange. Payment on the XPA exchange is flexible as it is not restricted to a specified wallet.

XPA at present works with Tidebit and Tidewallet payment system. These two systems are favored for their fluidity.

XPA’s Unique Feature.

The most striking feature of XPA is stability. It value is not prone to fluctuations as does other native altcoins. The value of XPA altcoins (XPAUSD, XPAHKD, XPACNY…) runs at par with fiat currency. With a current market capital of $3.76m, XPA does not seem to be letting up on its dreams to transform digital currency from just a mere game to pool investors. It is making for a cashless future where cryptocurrency services the new digital generation.

Perhaps what makes this of great relevance is a statement made by South Korea’s Kim Yong-Jin (deputy minister for strategy and finance). In his statement, Kim Yong-Jin stated explicitly that the Fiat monetary system may soon be chased into the rear by altcoins. He declared that the central bank should begin to see the need to become wary of cryptocurrencies.

XPA deals with the mortgaging of XPA Assets using ETH or ERC20 tokens. Through Tidebit, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for real money.  This is a unique feature of XPA Exchange which was announced on 28th March.  The altcoin is remarkably gaining grounds and as long found its way into the space of cryptocoins that are gaining ground. It has since inception gotten itself listed on Crypto CoinZone, Live Coin Watch and still counting.

How to get started on the XPA Assets

XPA Assets is the smart device on the blockchain that reconciles cryptocurrencies with Fiat.

  • Get your wallet; XPA is flexible. You can choose to get an XPA wallet or use your existing wallet.
  • Buy some XPA on the exchange.
  • Mortgage your XPA for XPA Assets at your own discretion.
  • Specify the currency you want ( e.g Japanese currency, US currency…)
  • You are ready to withdraw as much currency as you want; subject to your account balance!

In addition, XPA assets can be  traded back into XPA. The beautiful implication of having fiat-value assets storable in XPA is that it’s a safe way to escape plunges in the ever fluctuating market of cryptocurrencies. The future is worth watching out for. As of now, XPA provides a steady fiat-value for cryptocurrencies.

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