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Today’s Gazette is always in need of outstanding journalists ready to write awe-inspiring and mind encapsulating cryptocurrency and blockchain articles that our readers can trust and share.

We welcome contributors, journalists, and analysts who can work with our editors to bring genuine and from the source information to our readers who can hardly trust other media than Today’s Gazette going by what we present to them daily.

If you can write engaging articles centered on cryptocurrencies, altcoins especially, then we seriously need you.

Shoot us mail on and copy, stating how familiar you are to cryptocurrency.

For those interested in breaking news, we welcome news that does not exist on other platforms; we want you to break it so that our platform can be reliable and trusted in the cryptocurrency space.

Don’t worry, we can agree on a contract in a suiting manner, without it affecting you for any reason.

Engaging analysts: Expert analysts whose articles get read on Twitter and Reddit are necessary for our platform. If you know you are one, we are expecting you.

Impeccable Writers: If you write articles that are hardly laced with error, we need you. Our editors are tired of unnecessary editing every time.

Send us your pitch and expect our reply on the go.

Submit A Guest Post

We welcome guest post as well. It makes us feel important. Send us your articles without advertisement, and make sure it is unique.

Word Count: For Guest Post, word count is around 700 word or more. That is what we feel it is better for you and us, and make it crypto-related. Very important!

Note that articles that have already been published or that may be published somewhere else are not accepted. If you do, we promise to DELETE your article and blacklist you afterwards.

Grammar: Article with poor grammar are not accepted at all. Please don’t bother to write to us if you have a poor command of basic grammar syntax like Concord etc.

However, we can add to your articles or state explicitly that what you wrote is your opinion. In the same line, we reserve the right to include or exclude any link added to your article. We fear toxic links. No link building here. Yes.

Also, do not celebrate a website unnecessarily in your article. It is essential you spell your reason for mentioning a site in your contribution so that you don’t delude unsuspecting readers.

If all these are pleasing to you, we need you as a contributor or a reporter.

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