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World Bank Is Finding Elastos (ELA) Use Cases Outstanding

Elastos Ela


World Bank Is Finding Elastos (ELA) Use Cases Outstanding

The World Bank is finding Elastos (ELA)’s modern internet ideas outstanding, in this wise, the world’s financial regulatory body has been inviting Elastos cofounder Feng Han and Kevin Zhang to its office in Washington DC for deliberation on a better internet devoid of security glitches.

On February 22nd 2018, the co-founders of the blockchain firm delivered a presentation on the topic “Blockchain, Trusted Computation and The Modern Internet.” The presentation opened World Bank to blockchain in relation to trusted computation and Elastos much aired modern internet.

Earlier, Feng had delivered a presentation on a closely related topic at the HUAWEI Institute in Chendu on the topic “Blockchain, and The Modern Internet.” The presentation, which came up on January 12th 2019, opened those present to Elastos’ understanding of Modern Internet.

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One would think all these are enough until World Bank called Elastos for another discussion. As revealed by Feng, the World Bank Lead Security Architecture Zhijun Zhang invited Elastos Co-Founders again for another meeting on “Modern Internet and Trusted Computation” in Sans Francisco this March 8th 2019.

With the look of things, it appears the World Bank believes in Elastos modern internet use cases and may soon begin to vouch for the blockchain firm any moment from now.

Elastos (ELA)’s readiness to redefine the internet would be expedited or come to fruition earlier if the World Bank finally render their support for the blockchain firm any moment.

Unlike other blockchain firm without use cases, Elastos aims to invent a perfect Internet that is fueled by blockchain technology.

Elastos, as known, is a Virtual Machine that can be deployed on any device purposely to heighten its processing potentials, security and repair loopholes in the internet’s complete protocols.

Beyond that, Elastos makes it easy for devices to run in C language instead of Java and some other programming languages. The plan of Elastos is to make digital asset tradable, identifiable, and scarce.

Elastos is building a distinct World Wide Web that does not infringe on people’s property right since it has opened people to wealth creation. Elastos gives room for apps to be built on its blockchain.

Elastos can be installed on any device. In fact, doing so is like installing a Java on people’s computer.

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