With ALLIVE Partnership, Ontology (ONT) Sets To Disrupt Health Industry

Allive And Ontology

Ontology (ONT) has again sealed a deal, this time with ALLIVE, ALLIVE, a healthcare-based public chain. The partnership is purposely to create a smart healthcare ecosystem via a decentralized application (DApp).

The two firms are going to achieve a solution to resource mismatching and data islands in the medical industry. What is obtained is that medical data are usually stored in a centralized and voluminous medical institution database, however, this collaboration is intended to bring about a smart system via blockchain technology.

ALLIVE and Ontology is looking forward to providing patients with appropriate and blockchain based medical record retrieval, at the same time offer a seamless distributed medical services using easy technologies and systems.

ALLIVE aims to build its user’s profile with three sophisticated modules: OLEAF, OLIVIA, and OLIFE.

The OLEAF module is going to offer complete process of healthcare facilities that are not limited to insurance processing, prescription filling, doctor’s appointment, and other general health management.

In the same line, the OLIVIA module will be devoted to inventing hospital-accepted artificial intelligent (AI) medical doctor using a formulated medical knowledge graph and machine learning algorithms via an addition of medical databanks and digital technology.

However, the third module, which is the OLIFE, is going to be using the privilege to version a self-finalizing, encrypted, and robust health profile for each individual with the aid of health data network.

Ontology Partners NCC Group

Ontology (ONT) also sealed a strategic partnership with NCC Group, a susceptibility auditing company. NCC is a world recognized company expert in cyber security and risk mitigation.

The company works with reputable firms on value, brand, and reputation protection. Based in Manchester, UK, NCC Group has over 2000 staffs, and advices around 15,000 clients.

With 0ver 35 offices across the globe, the company was the reviewer of Ontology v0.8 and v0.9.

NCC Group reviewed Ontology’s platform and based its observation on its android and IOS apps, P2P network protocol, modular consensus mechanism, and it much sought after smart contract virtual machines.


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