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Willy Woo Claims Bitcoin Bull Season is Now 99% With These Crucial Points

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Willy Woo Claims Bitcoin Bull Season is Now 99% With These Crucial Points

  • How 200-day moving average is related to BTC’s bull season
  • $33’000 Bitcoin by July 2020, says Peter Mccormack
  • What On-chain volume has to do with Bitcoin’s outstanding Bull Run

Bitcoin has been in a stable price for quite some days now. BTC underwent about $2000 price upsurge in just two days, giving experts freewill to set their Bitcoin movement analysis in motion.

Crypto analysts have been airing their predictions for BTC Bull Run while some believe that the cryptocurrency will still undergo a drop in price before it heads on an all-time high upsurge.

Bitcoin is presently 8,154.30 US dollars, heading swiftly towards breaking the $8500 resistance. BTC’s price continuous upsurge is the best wish from investors especially the crypto whales who have seized the opportunity to hodl more Bitcoins.

Willy Woo Shared to Prove That Bitcoin Bull Run is 99% Certain

Willy Woo, an entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor, who has been making fabulous contributions to the promotion and adoption of cryptocurrency, also aired his personal view about the price growth of BTC.

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In his sentiment, Woo claimed that Bitcoin is beginning to give signals that depict it’s advancing into a bull season if BTC’s 10-year history is put into consideration.

Bitcoin reportedly crossed 200-day moving average some days ago. So Woo extracted his point from that fact by saying that BTC has to maintain its rising for at least 2 months after which the bullish season can be confirmed, he thereby specifically declared bull season 99% loading.

Willy Woo proceeded by saying that the only point that delays his 100 percent confirmation for Bitcoin’s price bull run is its on-chain volume.


According to Woo, On-chain volume is a proxy to longer term investor activity, stressing that once the volume increases to a satisfactory level, then BTC’s significant Bull Run can be confirmed.

Peter Mccormack Aired His Bitcoin Prediction

Peter Mccormack, a well-known crypto podcast host also contributed to the wave of predictions by cryptocurrency analysts as BTC price keeps moving in an upward trend. Mccormack in his Bitcoin prediction opined that by July 2019, BTC would surge up to $33,000.

Peter Mccormack is a crypto investor that claimed to have once made $1.2 million with $32,000 in cryptocurrency investment, but eventually lost almost all his gains to bear market.

I am a creative writer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Learning and writing about Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple's XRP, and TRON (TRX) are my hobbies.

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