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What’s the Safety in MaidSafe’s (MAID) Internet?



What’s the Safety in MaidSafe’s (MAID) Internet?

We must have been achromatized with the impressive upsides the internet offers. From blogging to social networks, the space is filled lots of activities that most derive benefits from. What would be the fate of the platform in the light of repositioning offered by MaidSafe (MAID)?

The blockchain had been around for a decade and keen observers can attest to its innovations. The launch of Web 2.0 was hoped to reposition the internet.

Though this shouldn’t pass as bad news but MaidSafe (MAID) actually hopes to relegate current formation of the net. In return, the project is launching another outlook to internet. This seems doubtful but future events might just make you have a rethink.

MaidSafe (MAID): How About Having Decentralized Internet?

You have a social network app and you determine what appears on your timeline but can you actually boast of having full access to your data? The internet we have today is cut across business sentiments and profit-making.

Thus, less attention is paid to your security. Countless times, data had been harvested and sold to businesses for their campaigns. If the Analytical incident involving Facebook had not been exposed, we couldn’t have been conscious of monopolistic interest businesses have in our information.

MaidSafe (MAID) hinged on the blockchain technology is repositioning the internet for better use. The project is looking at ways to implement decentralized internet protocol that will literally cut off intermediaries.

How about having access to internet where your data is encrypted and not under the custody of one person? How about a decentralized internet that lets you control what you access?

MaidSafe (MAID): Is this Hype?

You might not have come across a decentralized project patterned for the internet. That leaves room for speculations over this project’s dealings. MaidSafe (MAID) is actually acronym that suggests two different perspectives to what the project tends to achieve.

Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access for Everyone (MaidSafe) is a decentralized platform that first wants to redistribute data across its network.

Second, it aims at making internet access free for all. What this implies is that you have limited bandwidth to spend when surfing the network and also have your information stored securely. The project is not hyped but realistic.

How Secure is MaidSafe’ (MAID) SAFE?

Recall that the project has two different variations. Aside secure data storage, it offers quality access to the internet. Coming to the SAFE network, we have almost safe features as the current internet. The only change that is implemented is its governance.

The network was patterned as self-governed; hence, no one has monopoly over it. You would agree that this is better than popular sites that might shut down anytime and take off with your information.

On a lighter note, security is optimum and users have to scale self-authentication to store their data. The network encrypts data making it known only to the end-user.

However, if some third-party tries accessing it, he needs to present your PIN and keyword before getting your data. Thus, hack is not possible on the network.

Anytime you uploaded filed data to the network, such is partitioned and redistributed across the network. The decentralized approach to this makes it hard for hacks since hackers won’t have central point to direct their actions.

On MaidSafe (MAID), A Farmer Looks after your Data

Not the actual agriculturist you know but someone that keeps charge over your information. MaidSafe (MAID) places a farmer that will safely store your data until it is needed. The network also drives away from the server-centric internet model to one that a peer data-centric model.

Since the project does not subscribe to centralized data storage in the internet, the implication is that it would provide succinct storage that will be better than the former. Thus, there are vaults that would function as decentralized storage.

Any distributed information hashed on the platform will be stored in this vault and this where the aforementioned farmer features. The farmer is placed in charge of the vault software and has to present himself as credible for the position.

To this end, he has to possess enough bandwidth and CPU for data storage.


MaidSafe (MAID) might actually pass for one of such projects coming into the crypto community but its scope is basically on repositioning the internet. In the wake of September 18, 2018, it was on the 55th spot on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of $105,698,366 USD.

This article suggests the project might be regarded as another sharing economy with emphasis on digital resources. There is no gainsaying that MaidSafe (MAID) will revolutionize the internet.

Aside this, it has same features as current internet and that is one selling point that will attract users. In a nutshell, MaidSafe (MAID) is the internet of the future.

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