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What is So Important about Justin Sun’s Confirmed Lunch with Warren Buffet?

What is So Important about Justin Sun’s Confirmed Lunch with Warren Buffet?


What is So Important about Justin Sun’s Confirmed Lunch with Warren Buffet?

Tron (TRX) CEO, Justin Sun, kept the cryptocurrency community suspense about a supposed big announcement for quite some days. Tipping the crypto fans consistently over a deal he tagged as great benefit to impact Blockchain community as a whole. He eventually announced the sealed lunch with Warren Buffet, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Does this lunch worth it as rightly suggested by Sun?

Justin Sun is a prominent name in the crypto space. He’s a young and vibrant entrepreneur, who sees almost every angle to success in business.

Sun had made a host of moves in the past, which some pundits see as means to benefit his digital currency, Tron (TRX), while some term them as smart qualities to exhibit as a businessman with potentials.

When the announcement was proposed by Sun, it became a speculative discussion in the cryptocurrency sphere. Many people wondered about the big deal he could have sealed. It was even rumoured that it could be a partnership with Apple, since its proposed announcement coincided with 3rd June, the date chosen by Tron CEO for his much anticipated announcement.

The announcement was finally made by Justin Sun as scheduled, and it was “just” a lunch with Warren Buffet, a billionaire entrepreneur based in the United States.

Many with big expectation were left disappointed. Crypto pundits who don’t always subscribe to Sun’s business strategies saw means to lash out at him, concluding he has created another means to pump the price of his digital coin, Tron (TRX).

Sun Reportedly went a long way to seal the lunch with the 88-year old American business Tycoon, by biding 4.56 million dollars in the annual eBay charity auction held in early June.

According to Sun on twitter, the date and location of the charity lunch has been confirmed, but he has not made any former revelation about the location. He gave his teeming followers means to guess, which was greeted with a lot of responses.

Does The Lunch with Warren Buffet Worth it and What Benefit Could Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community Derive?

Warren Buffet is a typical businessman with a host of bad comments about crypto operation. He has nothing but ill-feeling towards Bitcoin and investing in cryptocurrency. He had once termed digital currency as a gambling device, declaring he has no investment interest in fraudulence.

How could such a mind like Buffet be convinced despite such misinformation, if not a means for close contact? How could cryptocurrency survive this global intimidation without capital investors such as Warren Buffet? Cryptocurrency community members who have been criticising Justin Sun’s notion would have the right answer.

Cryptocurrency needs a fast-tracked global adoption, and Sun’s move is a step in the right direction. He made it known during a recent interview that the mission to convince Warren Buffett to invest in cryptocurrency is a big deal, and a tough nut to crack in few hours.

He pointed that the major purpose of the confirmed lunch is to update him about the progress blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have made so far. So, how could this purpose benefit Tron alone?

A Tron community member also tried to clarify the purpose of the well-publicized lunch to the crypto populace on twitter. He sees the lunch as a big boost, which the entire cryptocurrency sphere should welcome warmly.

A supposed Bitcoin maximalist recently shared that it had once taken Bitcoin to rise from $7k to $20k in just 3 weeks. He’s so convinced that largest retailers and custodians are plunging in with capital investment, which would enhance its price to eventually surge and surpass its All Time High.

Convincing a notable personality like Warren Buffet about the success of cryptocurrency would make the growth trend persist. Giving Justin Sun much needed support in achieving his designed purpose will be a great success for the whole of blockchain community, as rightly believed by Tron (TRX) CEO.

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