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What If You Invested $100 In Cryptos At The Right Time? New Study Reveals Some Interesting Details


What If You Invested $100 In Cryptos At The Right Time? New Study Reveals Some Interesting Details

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be one of the most profitable forms of investment, although they come with their level of risks. One thing for sure is that people who have managed to enter the playing field at the right time have made good money.

To demonstrate this fact, DataLight went out of its way to create a comparison chart involving various cryptos and their associated returns on investment (ROI) overtime.


To bring the whole demo to perspective, it can be deduced from the charts that the best time to buy a particular crypto token is right before it gets listed on various popular crypto exchanges. For one, cryptos that have passed the ICO stage tend to rise in value when listed on exchanges.

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As a matter of fact, many of the listed tokens have skyrocketed in value as compared to the time before their listing. Some have recorded hundreds and even thousands of percentage increases.

According to the chart by DataLight, a $100 investment on Ethereum would end up with a cool $68,305 as the total ROI. However, Bitcoin carries the day as the top crypto with the highest returns. As such, anyone who bought Bitcoin worth $100 at its early stages in the market would be worth a cool $1.3 million today.

Not Always

As much as crypto investments may be a quick way to make some bucks, it needs a sharp investor who knows exactly when to venture in and which cryptos to pitch in. A look at the wide crypto field reveals that some of the cryptos that posted good values during their early days have decreased in value.

One example is Tezos. During its ICO, Tezos traded at $0.47, netting in a nice $230 million in funding. However, the token’s value has since dropped to around $0.45, meaning that anyone who bought in at $0.47 is now at a loss.

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