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“We’re Going to Massively Disappoint You,” Ripple’s CTO Replies XRP FUDers, Lashes Libra

David Schwartz


“We’re Going to Massively Disappoint You,” Ripple’s CTO Replies XRP FUDers, Lashes Libra

Ripple’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, has responded to those “peddling lies” against XRP, a native token of the San Francisco-based company, lashing Facebook’s Libra as well.

The cerebral Ripple’s technician and former cryptographer branded by Forbes as the Ripple’s trillion-dollar man, said Ripple is going to disappoint those spreading fake news about XRP.

He said: “I’m afraid we’re going to massively disappoint you”.

Schwartz responded to the statement of a faceless twitter user with the name XRP News, who has been alleged of spreading fake news about Ripple and its digital asset, XRP.

“XRP News” and some other twitterratti have been accusing Ripple of intentionally dumping the price of XRP with its “incessant” over the counter sales of XRP token to companies who are using the digital currency.

Brad Defends Ripple’s Action

In defense of the action by Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse also made necessary response to those peddling lies against the company, saying Ripple Inc. is focused on adoption, the reasons the firm keeps on investing in XRP-centric startups across the globe.

Schwartz response to FUDers came a week after Ripple’s CEO responded to the FUDs revolving around XRP being a security and some other claims by crypto twitters.

Facebook’s Libra Touched

In a separate statement, Schwartz responded to Facebook’s Libra. The CTO said he’s sure the social media giant’s plan for Libra was to gradually phase out the use of USD and some other currencies to back Libra, adding that Tether proved that strategy is workable.

His statement came under that of a crypto observer who condemned Facebook for not using Bitcoin as a payment option but instead decided to build a separate chain owing to their belief of Bitcoin not been scalable enough.

But Ripple Moves Fund to Co-founder

Today, Ripple has been alleged of moving funds worth $26 Million to one of its co-founder, Jed McCaleb, who has now co-founded another digital currency names Stellar XLM. McCaleb was former CTO of Ripple before dumping the startup to create his.

The wallet, which received Ripple’s sent fund landed on a wallet allegedly belonging to the former CTO. There is expectation that Ripple will come out to make clarification on the destination of the fund.

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