Wax (WAX): How Ethereum (ETH) Almost Killed World’s Most Popular DApp

Wax (WAX): How Ethereum Almost Killed World’s Most Popular DApp

Wax (WAX) has revealed how Ethereum (ETH) network nearly killed almost killed the prospect of world’s most popular DApp, VGO.

Although, WAX insisted they love Ethereum, however, in this release, the blockchain platform highlighted that despite using Ethereum for their WAX token generation event coupled with the fact that the founders of WAX were the second largest buyer in the Ethereum crowd sales in 2014, much still need to be said about the network. Wax said Ethereum is a DApp killer, maintaining that people be careful of the platform.

Few days back, Wax said it noticed the near death of a DApp VGO , after it was birthed.

The problem according to them was that there was massive congestion on the Ethereum mainnet due to a problem from FCoin.

This resulted in VGO pulling away from Ethereum mainnet within 72 hours of its implosion, then, the app relaunched on WAX blockchain.

The massive congestion on Ethereum network, nearly killed the DApp. This affected customers and reduced the profits of VGO. However, the cause of this is FCoin, which paralyzed Ethereum blockchain, thereby impacting the platform negatively.

During this time, Wax says VGO felt the most pain because it was processing the highest  transaction on Ethereum blockchain at that time.

When the DApp moved out of Ethereum, it experience smooth running, resulting in the progress of the innovation.

Below Graph shows how VGO is Atop By transaction volume Until June 30 When Ethereum nearly Killed it progress:



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