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Waltonchain (WTC) Now Korea’s New Educational Organization For Ministry Of Employment And Labor


Waltonchain (WTC) Now Korea’s New Educational Organization For Ministry Of Employment And Labor

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The old days are gone, and Waltonchain (WTC) seems to be regaining its old glories. Waltonchain Blockchain Institute has been handed a life changing accolade in Korea by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

According to an update, the endorsement granted by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT has placed the blockchain institute as the 2019 newly selected Educational Organization of the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea.

The development will make the institution render its public educational services to job seekers and incumbent employees in the country.

Aside that, the President of Walton Blockchain Institute Mr. Kong Jong Ryul on January 10 signed an MoU with the Chairman of Korea FinTech Industry Association Network Alliance (K-FiNNeT), Mr. Hong Jun Yeong, to help groom blockchain talents in the country.

Walton Blockchain Institute, through the partnership will begin to offer relevant supports and investment to startups in the country as well as staging of seminars, conferences and employment fairs, amongst others.

Mr. Hong maintained that while South Korea lacks adequate number of blockchain developers, the collaboration will help cultivate more.

 “At present, the shortage of professional blockchain developers is huge; there are only about 1,500 of them. In the next three years, 150,000 professional blockchain developers should be trained urgently in order to create more than 300 outstanding professional blockchain startups.”

“K-FiNNeT has been committed to cultivating fintech and blockchain talents; and we are pleased to cooperate with Walton Blockchain Institute recognized by the Ministry of Science and ICT to lay a solid foundation for cultivating high-level talents”, Mr. Hong added.

Mr. Kong, the institute president, in his own words implored the South Korean government to extend its commitment towards cultivating talents beyond fund to giving living allowance to make the education affordable.

According to a release, Walton Blockchain Institute stands as the lone qualified non-profit blockchain educational consortium in South Korea. So far, about 66 students have received the professional blockchain training at the Institute.

Freddie is a professional journalist and feature writer. He participates on various movements that enable communities to initiate more in-depth understanding on essential topics. His views differentiates the effects on society's day to day life. He is now a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE.

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