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Waltonchain (WTC) Makes Move For Vechain (VET) Like Wine Partnership, Drops 2 New Global Autonomous Nodes


Waltonchain (WTC) Makes Move For Vechain (VET) Like Wine Partnership, Drops 2 New Global Autonomous Nodes

The blockchain technology focused on improving the efficiency of enterprise supply chain with innovative and sophisticated technology, Waltonchain (WTC), has announced its productive visit to Yanghu Distillery, a reputable food producing company in Shandong, China.

Waltonchain in the update disclosed that it purposely made the visit to learn about alcohol production processes. The blockchain foundation echoed the possibility of a partnership between the two firms as their teams had intense discussion during the visit.

While Waltonchain (WTC) is known for its traceability and supply chain solution in industries across the world, the collaboration is expected to be centered on blockchain and IoT.

Previously, it was reported by Today’s Gazette that Vechain (VET) is making huge inroads in Italy as three top wine makers in the country opted for a blockchain powered solution developed by Vechain.

Known as MyStory, the three wine makers, Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino Wines, and West Wind Wines, will be leveraging the technology to hand consumers the entire history behind a wine from grape to bottle with the use of QR codes placed on each bottle.

With the latest development from Waltonchain (WTC), many opined that the blockchain technology is only taking alike step with its competitor’s.

Waltonchain (WTC) Announces Release Of Two New Nodes

Similarly in another developmental update, Waltonchain (WTC) declared the release of new nodes.

The update stated that the nodes are Global Autonomous Node. The nodes are:

Waltonchain Romania Community ( …)

Waltonchain Deutsch Community ( …)

Even though Waltonchcian (WTC) is ranked 85th in the market, the blockchain technology seems to be more viable than number of others above it that are mere filled with lip services.

Beyond enterprise, it has reported that Waltonchain (WTC) blockchain technology institute was given huge credence by Korean government and ICT, and the institute was chosen as the Educational Organization of the Employment and Labor ministry of Korea for the year 2019.

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