Vitalik Buterin Lauds Ethereum (ETH) Backed ‘Peepeth’, A Twitter Alternative


Ethereum (ETH) –Ethereum founder Vitalik Butterin has lauded the uniqueness and the importance of the newly invented DApp, Peepeth.

Peepeth is regarded as an unstoppable alternative to Twitter, one of the most-sought after microblogging page by experienced commenters in all walks of life.

Confirming the awesomeness of the DApp, crypto pundit Buterin said the platform comes with good UI and opinionated features.


The decentralized competitor to Twitter could be seen as a complete liberty from centralization coupled with the fact that it runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike Twitter, Peepeth neither depend on any government nor company, the control of the platform solely its users.

At the moment there are over 1,500 DApps on the Ethereum network, however, not all of them stands out or perform functions like that of Peepeth.


How to Register On Peepeth.

While the platform is still under testing, it cost a stipend of cryptocurrency to sign up on the Peepeth. The stipend is what powers the Ethereum Network. The moment you are able to register on the platform, you can do whatever, without paying exorbitant. On Peepeth, when you peep, a certain nominal fraction of your fund is deducted i.e. you pay a certain fraction of cent.

At the moment, over 1,600 frequent users exist on the platform, and there is hope they keep on growing with time. Everything on Peepeth resembles Twitter, however, all actions are saved on the blockchain.


You Can Receive Compensation On Peepeth

With every engaging content you post on Peepeth, you receive Ether tips for it. Interestingly, you can share Ether to those on that platform as well. Links posted to Peepeth, i.e. Youtube links, can ear Peep incomes.

Growing Number of Decentralized Applications

Decentralized applications are on the increase in recent time, however, the importance of Peepeth cannot be underestimated. With all indications, if everything goes decentralized as hoped, Peepeth is the next microblogging platform the world can look up to.

Image Credit: Reddit.


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