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Vergecurrency (XVG): What to expect going into 2019

Vergecurrency (XVG) has been one of the biggest winners this year with the coin hitting more highs than lows despite 2018 being a challenging year for many Cryptocurrencies. Verge has overtime been associated with anonymous transactions.

The token has made several gains which have led to several speculations from the crypto community on how far the coin can build upon its gains for 2019. We take a look at the current state of Verge coin and what to expect ahead of next year.

Vergecurrency’s (XVG) anonymous protocol

In what has been a step towards wrestling the title of the best anonymous coin currently believed to be Monero. Verge (XVG) utilizes its unique Wraith protocol which despite it different security features some still believe to be lagging behind Monero.

However, Verge has made more strides in keeping users transactions completely anonymous despite some high profile hacks. We expect that the TOR and I2P networks currently use by the coin would be improved upon in the first quarter of  2019.

Verge is known for letting users perform both public and private transactions and the company promises to provide secure transactions for users.  The stealth address features enable users IP address to be kept secure when performing one time payments.

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Simplified Mining protocol

Verge has always retaliated it desires to make mining easier and less energy consuming and utilizes proof of work mining protocol. Which achieves this to a degree with Verge’s community of users attesting to its functionality.

The proof of work makes Verge more attractive to mine and 2019 could be the year where Verge finally fulfils on its initial promise in the crypto space.  Verge also has five hash functions which enable equal access during the mining process.

Furthermore, since the coin is not funded by ICO, smart investors could look to the coin as a good investor choice in 2019 which would lead to increase in value.

Vergecurrency (XVG) Wallets

Verge has plans for its electrum wallet which unlike erc20 wallets utilises bitcoin technology as part of its protocols. This makes the wallet compatible with the coins two major security network which ar e the TOR and I2P networks.

The electrum wallets allow users to securely sign transactions with specific private keys giving added privacy to for transactions.

In addition, users have options for advanced features such as the multi-signature which lets transactions performed on the account pass through many checks before confirmation. Verge have made some promises to add more features to the wallet with some of the changes expected in 2019.

Verge have also been keen to maximize the mobile internet space as the blockchain technology currently has two mobile apps for Tor and I2P transactions respectively. It would be interesting to see if the coin decides to roll out an app that combines both functionalities in 2019

Vergecurrency (XVG) Partnerships

Partnership is the lifeblood of cryptocurrencies and Verge has taken a bold step in 2018 with the coin announcing several high profile partnerships. The partnership with PornHub was arguably the biggest and most surprising move seen in the crypto space this year.

The announcement made the crypto community to stand and notice Verge as a coin of repute as the website agreed to a partnership that would enable subscribers to pay via Vergecurrency (XVG).

PornHub is the biggest website in the adult film industry and Verge saw its value surge during the period after the announcement. Other big partnerships have followed in the adult film industry with TrafficJunky following suit exposing Verge to over 40 million visitors daily.

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Verge has begun its move towards adoption as a major payment platform with over 100 businesses accepting XVG as a form of payment for product and services. It is expected that there would be more partnerships lined up in 2019 as the coin continues its upward surge.

Can Verge Reach The $1 mark In 2019

This is the big question for the digi coin, however, with the recent gains recorded so far in 2018, it is not impossible for Vergecurrency (XVG) to achieve this milestone sometime in 2019. This is one reason why we believe it could be of great value to HODL the coin.

Disclaimer: Above discussion does not guarantee a successful investment. Do personal research before investing in any coin. Today’s Gazette is not responsible for your trade failure(s).


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