Verge (XVG) Still Maintains High Profile Partnership Despite Criticism

Verge Xvg

Many have been of the opinion that the unending attacks which the secured and privacy-oriented altcoin faces are gradually dragging the image of the altcoin to mire and this can lead to the extinction of the Cryptocurrency. Coupled with that, observers have alleged that Verge lacks transparency at every attack events and this may make the lovers of the altcoin turn back at it soon.


Debasing all the claims, Verge is making its users happy by shaking off all the bad talks with top gun partnerships that will see it through the sky, and necessary actions to amputate each hack.

Even though the attacks are undoubtedly real, it is very much clear that the Cryptocurrency is immersing all effort to clamp down on the hackers’ actions, in a bid to put an end to unrelenting actions that continue to put dents on the coin and its ecosystem, while inciting its community with the ruckus.

In the last hack where 51% of the altcoin’s network was under the control of hackers and a claimed 35 million XVG coins was lost, Verge quickly put a stop to the obnoxious act by uploading a patch on Github.

Verge Learns From Mistakes

Although the attacks seem like Verge is yet to be learning from its mistakes and that the development team behind the altcoin is not up to the task of combating the situation, but one sure thing is that the altcoin is only facing its hard times for now and things are going to get better soon with its relentless effort. Albeit much concentration and focus on the method to device in ending the attacks which are taking most of the altcoin’s time, Verge proves to be a big bull making gigantic runs in important partnership and new moves.

Verge Partnership After Pornhub.

It is no news that Verge in it is so called mystery partnership knotted tie with colossal traffic website ranked one of the top porn sites around the world, PornHub. The partnership also birthed the collaboration with another porn Brazzers and the altcoin was afterward listed on Abra exchange.

Done with porn sites, a few weeks later, Verge resorted for the advertising industry in a partnership with TrafficJunky. TrafficJuncky is an online advertising network also known for huge traffic with about 4 billion views a day.

Although, after TrafficJucnky collaboration, Verge pursuit for the likes of Paypal, Venmo, and Sportify were not actualized, but it was still able to secure some other wonderful alliances in various sectors.

Verge In The Health Sector And Construction Industry.

Not the end of the altcoin’s hustle for partnership, Verge, proving more usability reportedly delved into the health sector and construction industry in a partnership with DIOXYME and Heightcare, respectively.

DIOXYME, one of the world leading supplement company partnered with Verge to leverage the micro-payment function of the altcoin in securing a cheap, fast, secure and transparent transactions for customers.

While Verge’s partnership with Heightcare was a tremendous one as the civil engineering company that stands to provide the service of selling and renting out scaffoldings, safety equipment and safety advice on construction site pledge to accept the altcoin for payments.

Verge’s Partnership After The Second 51% Hack.

Immediately the second 51% hack surfaced, many issued out complains that the altcoin is not up and doing and that its developers do not have enough technical ability to combat the incessant hack events.

Few days after the hack, Verge, on it twitter account pronounced that it had stopped the attack by launching a patch on GitHub.

After the hack, Verge was pronounced in a number of partnerships. A sauce company made known that it will be accepting Verge currency for payment on its platform, after unveiling a hot sauce, PexPeppers Pueblo Red, with Verge logo placed on it. Each bottle of the sauce, according to the news contains summer flavor.

This placed members of verge community in euphoria, with a clearer view that the altcoin has opportunities to explore in the food industry.

Verge Plans To Grow More Connection With Amsterdam Meet Up.

Verge hosted its first ever meet up in Netherland, Amsterdam, on a ship, where sundry information will be shared and people will meet to socialize and connect.

The meet up took place on the 9th of June in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and it took place on a boat.

Displaying it profoundness, big tech companies pledged their sponsorship for the meetup.  While the Cryptocurrency, is still searching for more partnerships, the last collaboration it made was with, an e-commerce trading store, where the altcoin’s currency would be used for trade.

In conclusion, even though the consecutive massive hacks has been a major incision on the altcoin in the crypto globe, there are signs that the Verge will soon live to discuss the attacks as a story, and its high profile partnership will be there to skyrocket its name to the world.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful news about Verge (XVG). I see great potential in Verge, I am also HODLing the coin. Who knows if Verge will outperform Bitcoin tomorrow.


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