Verge (XVG) Releases Suiting Updates: RSK, Debit Card, Vulnerability

Verge (XVG) Releases Suiting Updates: RSK, Debit Card, Vulnerability

Verge (XVG) has hinted its community on the recent moves to achieve some key points in its roadmap.

On Sunday, in an announcement, the cryptocurrency answered severed questions posed by VergeFams to better understand the team behind Verge are up and doing.

Answering question on the status of the Verge (XVG) Debit card, the team said they are waiting for TokenPay’s team to fully implement support of debit cards to facilitate the use of Verge.

Also, while answering question on whether the new codebase rebasing solved the recent bitcoin core bug, the team answered that they took their time to investigate the issue but saw that Verge’s latest codebase is free from bug and not vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Verge’s (XVG) Implementation Of RSK

On the question asked on how Verge intends to work with instant confirmations, the team said blocks are being created every 30 seconds, and that the first confirmation is going to happen within about 5–15 seconds.

With that, Verge team said they have an overall meantime of 15–30 seconds for a transaction to be verified, adding that definitely there won’t be cases where users have to wait longer, but such “pains” from the industry/consumer market could also be addressed by using RSK.

The team added that this will happen with the help of an intact contract being built between the “company” and the “customer”. However, Verge Team are still investigating this with RSK, but at the moment, there is nothing much to talk about on RSK.

Furthering, Verge team says it see no reason for implementing SegWit.


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