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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Verge (XVG) Focusing On Adoption At The Moment, Why Not Price?

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Verge (XVG) Focusing On Adoption At The Moment, Why Not Price?

Verge (XVG) -Surely, the most intriguing news investors and lovers of a Cryptocurrency will want to hear is value rise so their wealth can multiply in manifolds.

Nevertheless, the privacy oriented Cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG), is looking in another direction to make its project and community more robust.

After an announcement by the Verge that businesses with the desire to accept Verge (XVG) as payment option should go through Netcents or use its end-to-end integration demo, many are began to wonder if the Cryptocurrency is really worried about its price and position on the table.


There is no doubt, Verge has large community and followers, but many get confused when they try to link the position of the altcoin on the table based on market cap with the crowd it drives. Their believe is that a Cryptocurrency with such large community should not be in such position, but rather amongst the first 20 coins on the table.

However, Verge (XVG) seems not distressed or daunted by its price or position on the table, as it continues to focus on its adoption tempo.

Verge has so far achieved countless of adoptions in the space, and as an addendum to that many other Cryptocurrencies at the top of the market table are envious of these moves especially when Verge partnered the adult site with multimillion traffic, Pornhub.

The fact that something cannot stand on nothing attest to the necessity of adoption, if not for all, but for Verge. Certainly, if more people use a coin for transaction, its liquidity will rise and such will surely have a positive effect on the price of the altcoin.

Verge’s partnership with Netcents is really materializing and something massive will certain come out from it. Netcents recently announced that it has been completely integrated into Softpoint. Through the integration, merchants using Poynt, Ingenico, Clover, PAX, and ExaDigm POS will easy accept Verge (XVG) among other Cryptocurrencies.


Also, Netcents partnered High Risk Commerce LLC (HRC). HRC has hundreds of Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs) around the world. Beyond the ICOs, Netcents will be deployed on tens of thousands of e-merchants who process billions of dollars in revenue.

After musing over Verge’s adoption move in the space, it is clear that the altcoin has more goals, focus and lucrative strategies than we can think of.

It is now gradually becoming clear that if Verge (XVG) continues to maintain this tempo, the altcoin will achieve great things in the space, even beyond and move for the pinnacle.

Jack, the Jack-of-all-trades, is a full-time contributor to TODAY'S GAZETTE. Jack jumped into writing through a friend and now doing excellently. Through the years, he has contributed his voice in covering current events and political issues.

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