VeChain (VEN) Partners DHL APIC, Looks Forward To More Collaboration


With vision of creating an economy with transparent and secured data, VeChain (VEN) blockchain technology has been displaying potency in various sectors across the world like food, automotive, pharmaceutical, luxury goods, retail and more.

With existing presence in the logistic industry, VeChain is creating more landmark that will make it impact in the industry inerasable. Coming today is a news that VeChain blockchain technology was been included in the Partner Wall of DHL Asian Pacific (APAC) Innovation Centre.

The news was disclosed by the manager of VeChain in Singapore, Sarah Nabaa, on her twitter page.

The manager noted that the innovation Centre gives clients huge experience by introducing new solutions from startups and well established companies.


Nabaa added that the team behind the blockchain technology looks forward to working with the DHL team in the county and beyond.

DHL APAC Innovation Centre

DHL is a logistic company that offers carrier services with its headquarter in Bonn Germany. Established December 2015 in Singapore, the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC) offers a second customer-centric innovation platform for users in the Asian market.

While driving innovation into the logistics sector to enhance the future of the industry, the innovation Centre provides both DHL and its customers a premise for collaborating on projects, and at the same time grants innovation of new ideas.

The research done at the DHL Innovation Center provide concrete evidence that signals massive changes in the logistics industry.

VeChain (VEN) In The Logistic Sector

While many companies and small scale businesses have realized the value of data, they spend huge amount to manage their data, but still, the data lacks security and accuracy. Evident of this, most of the companies resorted for blockchain technology.

As VeChain (VEN) continues to provide many sectors with transparent, secure and accurate data management, VeChain’s tool like RFID chips is being used by logistics companies to monitor the status of goods.

With the announcement, VeChain blockchain technology is now looking forward to more partnership in the sector.


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