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VeChain MainNet Attains Great Milestone, Breaks 1,000,000 Daily Data Clauses. What’s Next?

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VeChain MainNet Attains Great Milestone, Breaks 1,000,000 Daily Data Clauses. What’s Next?

Vechain (VET), the 29th largest cryptocurrency, continues to strife in order to remain relevant among other digital currencies in its rank. Cryptocurrency market is constituted with stern competition, and this tussle is seemingly favouring Vechain, as it recently attained a notable milestone of 1 million daily data clauses.

The crypto market is beginning to add gains once again after the resurgence of the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin. The present growth of BTC has not quite impacted a host of digital currencies revolving around it.

Vechain (VET), which came to existence in June 2018, experienced its All Time High/Low in September/December 2018 respectively, and keeps working hard to expand its market volume in order to outgrow other digital currencies in its chain.

VeChain (VET) as a blockchain ecosystem that focuses on enterprise has not relented in living up to expectations of its community. It aims at aiding supply chain management by acting as an intermediary between blockchain technology and the physical world.

This sensitive functionality has set it apart, and also impacting the daily performance of its digital coin, VET.

VeChain’s ecosystem also houses manufacturers and industrial giants like Walmart. These big firms, through VeChainThor identification system, have the opportunity to assign their products with proper and unique identification, which gives consumers the means to track the movement and the ownership of products. This boosts the trustworthiness of its services, and also enhances the growth of the digital currency.

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Vechain Mainnet Attains Great Milestone of 1,000,000 Daily Data Clauses

According to the info passed across by a VeChain enthusiast via twitter, its mainnet has attained a huge milestone that indicates its consistent daily successes.

The information stated that Vechain mainnet just recorded 1 million data clauses a day, with notable products which have been leveraging the utilities on its blockchain.

He said “Ladies and Gentlemen the day has arrived! Vechain mainnet just broke the huge mark of 1,000,000 data clauses a day! And with real products on the blockchain!”

VeChain (VET) and Other Cryptocurrencies in the Market

The market is presently healthy but not generally bullish. Bitcoin (BTC) is still leading the rally, but it started revolving within a price range a couple of hours ago. It could make a fresh move anytime soon.

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Other top cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and others have reacted a bit better to the favourable market, unlike Ripple XRP that obviously lags behind.

Vechain has not been seeing good share of the market lately. At press time, VET is trading at $0.007561, with about 2% price plummet in the last 24 hours. However, its daily successes such as this recent achievement are expected to enhance its competitive agility, which would raise it beyond its competitors in the market.

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