Unknown Cryptocurrency Linkey (LKY) Sees Over 666% Rise As Tron (TRX) Remains Green Among Top 10

Trip Around The Crypto World With TRX, XRP, XVG and XLM on 3 Dec, 2018

Linkey (LKY), an unpopular cryptocurrency has seen over 666% rise in the last 24 hours as Tron (TRX) remain green among the top 10 digital currency, seeing around 10% rise.

While Linkey is still being doubted by many people in the cryptocurrency world, the website of the digital currency appears too amateurish, and does not have enough information to show it is not as cam.

The team behind the digital currency are still hidden and the platform does not have open source code but have a whitepaper that is not detailed enough.

About Linkey (LKY)

From available information, Linkey is a Chinese project on the Ethereum network. It has a token referred to as LKY. As we write now, Linkey is in the top 100 cryptocurrency by market cap.

Tron (TRX) Shows Promising Sign

Tron has been the only digital currency in green among the top 10 cryptocurrency. At some point, it has 0ver 10% increase within 24 hours.

At the time of writing, Tron has increased by 1.99% and priced at $0.020476USD. The digital currency is among the few leading cryptos with outstanding projects and promising future.

For sometimes now, the CEO of Tron Foundation Justin Sun, has been acquiring projects and furnishing the ecosystem with unmatched innovations that will make it stand out in the nearest future.

Buggyra Coin Zero (BCZero) Sees 46% Rise

Buggyra Coin Zero (BCZero) is another digital currency performing excellently today. The cryptocurrency has seen over 46.16% increase and trade at $0.031012 USD with a market cap of $52,057,209 USD.

BCZero is a payment platform built on the etherium blockchain for all kinds of payments for the global truck racing community.

Buggyra Coin is an offshoot of Buggyra Racing. It is one of the major attractions all over the world.


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