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Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

Today's Gazette – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

UK’s Largest Travel Management Company Adopts Bitcoin (BTC)

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UK’s Largest Travel Management Company Adopts Bitcoin (BTC)

United Kingdom’s largest travel management company, Corporate Traveller, has adopted Bitcoin (BTC) for payment.

Widely referenced as a specialist SME travel management company, Corporate Traveller, collaborated with worldwide blockchain payment provider BitPay to give its customer the opportunity to use Bitcoin to pay for business travel bookings.

Using BitPay, Corporate Traveller’s customers can easily pay using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. The payment enters Corporate Traveller’s bank account within a span of two business days.

According to the travel management company, there is no risk or price volatility involved in the issue as customers pay the actual amount in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash required to settle their bills, while BitPay deducts 1 per cent to perfect the transaction.

BitPay is a growing blockchain payment provider with far-reaching tentacles. In October 2018, the firm said it processes over US$1 billion yearly form B2B customers and merchants across the globe.

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Andy Hegley, UK general manager of Corporate Traveller, who spoke on the development said:

“We are excited to announce this partnership and spearhead cryptocurrency payments in the business travel sector, as Bitcoin is currently not a mainstream method of payment among travel management companies.”

The need to start accepting Bitcoin arose due to increasing demands from customers who wants to book business travels using cryptocurrencies.

While showing appreciation, Sonny Singh, chief commercial officer of BitPay, pointed: “We are excited that Corporate Traveller is committing to offering clients the ability to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We know blockchain payments provide a strong user case for travel, with customers now able to spend Bitcoin on corporate travel bookings. We have seen big growth from airlines and travel agents who are tapping into the massive blockchain market.”

Different firms are beginning to see the need to adopt Bitcoin. Today, Today’s Gazette announced that Bitcoin Superstore has devised a means for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy goods using cryptos on over 200,000 online stores including Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and some other prominent stores worldwide. This is no doubt a boost for the cryptos space has holders of digital assets can easily buy goods online using their favourite digital currencies.

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