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UK Car Garage Adopts Tron (TRX) As Payment Option After BitTorent Acquisition

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UK Car Garage Adopts Tron (TRX) As Payment Option After BitTorent Acquisition

The news that a UK car garage now recognises the proficiency of Tron (TRX) as a payment option today increased the excitement of the crypto lovers and its community, making them raise eyebrow with optimism that the moon is the place for the altcoin.

The announcement was made to the air in a tweet issued by the founder of the Cryptocurrency, Justin Sun.

Sun, in the tweet, mentioned that UK based car garage, Ramp & Wrench pledged allegiance to the altcoin by accepting TRX as a payment option for its services.

While the creator of the cryptocurrency found the news as an overwhelming development, he praised Team Tronic for their diligence, hard work and contribution to Tron, adding that they are the brain behind the altcoin’s latest achievement.

The UK garage, at its entrance, placed a poster with its company name situated at the top, indicating that Tron’s token “TRX is accepted here”.

The news further indicated that while the latest move is seen as a stepping stone for Tron, Team Tronic community members which include @jayandyclark, @rampandwrench and others are shaping the future of local market in the country with acceptance of Cryptocurrency.

Ramp & Wrench

The UK based automobile garage majorly deals with MOT’s, servicing and repair of cars within its county.

The company, on its website, noted that albeit being specialised in repairing Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, it is also enriched with skills that can make it work on all makes & models of cars, either new or old.

Other operations performed by the car servicing company, according to its website includes terracleaning and selling of cars.

Tron’s (TRX) BitTorrent Acquisition

After days of far-reaching gossip, Tron community today announced that the blockchain network has officially acquired Bittorrent in a bid to grow in strength. Justin Sun, with great euphoria, acknowledged the news.

While BitTorrent is known for its 100 million users, Sun declared that all the supporters of the file sharing protocol network will now be part of Tron’s family.

BitTorrent also brags being the largest decentralised p2p protocol in the world.

The two, according to a released on BitTorrent’s blog aims at joining forces to craft out the future of decentralised internet.

Earlier, prior the MainNet launch of Tron, Justin Sun boasted that the altcoin has 100 DApp users, and while the migration takes place, the users are to move along with Tron.

With the latest addition from Bittorent, it is clear that the awareness of the altcoin will be highly skyrocketed.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ingrid S

    July 27, 2018 at 4:19 am

    This is surprising, Verge is doing it for the community. This firm is winning big in the cryrpto world. Let me just say it is beyond the sky.

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