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Uber, RobinHood Angel Investor Likens Bitcoin to Yahoo, Says It May Go To Zero From 100K

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Uber, RobinHood Angel Investor Likens Bitcoin to Yahoo, Says It May Go To Zero From 100K

Uber and RobinHood angel Investor Jason Calacanis has berated Bitcoin, likening the blockchain protocol to stocks that dropped drastically in value.

Jason went down memory lane, saying MySpace, Yahoo and Palms appeared like rewarding stocks at their peak, before they stunningly collapsed in a twinkle of an eye.

The above reason, made the serial investor summit that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 per coin before going down to zero.

Relating Bitcoin, a blockchain protocol, to Yahoo stock may not be tenable since Bitcoin is not a firm but a consensus protocol.

Jason is a Bitcoin Investor

Jason lately invested in Keza, a Bitcoin startup that permits users to invest in US bonds, stocks and fixed incomes using BTC. Keza raised $357,000 in pre-seed funding from Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group and Jason Calacanis. Jason invested in RobinHood, which has crypto trading option.

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Besides that, Jason has personal investment in cryptocurrency, but is still not doubting that Bitcoin could return to zero, but will have to hit the $100,000 mark first.

Haralabos Voulgaris, who commented on Jason’s statement said the reason bitcoin is “great is the fact it’s decentralized”.

Replying, Jason said he “We own some bitcoin”, a statement that affirms that the angel investor has some amount of Bitcoin.

Jason said: “We own some bitcoin, in case my 70% assessment doesn’t come true. We win either way.”

Bitcoin (BTC) in the Market

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a massive rise few days back, jumping from $7800 to $8900 on some exchanges. The digital currency is predicted to be matching forward to $20,000.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading around $8,690 on Coinbase with around $156 loss within a very short time today.

Traders are looking out for the next path Bitcoin will be heading. What an analyst recently dropped was that Bitcoin could touch $10,000 this week.

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