Twitterati Revisit Uber’s Acceptance Of Bitcoin (BTC) In Argentina -Bitcoin News Today

Uber Accepting Bitcoin

Twitterati have revisited an earlier decision of Uber to accept Bitcoin (BTC) in Argentina after the country banned the use of credit cards to purchase rides form the ride sharing company. To cushion the effect of the ban, Uber agreed to allow users to purchase rides with Bitcoin.

Revisiting the wonderful idea, Twitterati commended Uber for taking the decision, while emphasizing that Bitcoin is beyond any government.

One of those notable commenters, Pomp, an ardent lover of cryptocurrency said companies are fighting corruption with Bitcoin.


The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, also commented on the move, saying it is a nice decision by Uber.


This incident happened around June 2016, Argentine government decided to take stiff measures against Uber in the country, especially in Buenos Aires.

Taxi unions charged Uber before the law court, which resulted in a Judge ordering Uber to stop ride-sharing services in the city.

Afterward, a prosecutor and a judge ordered ENACOM to stop the usage of Uber app in the city, adding that credit card companies should stop businesses with Uber.


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