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Twitter Philanthropist Gave Someone 1 Bitcoin to Discover He Bought Car for His Teammate

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Twitter Philanthropist Gave Someone 1 Bitcoin to Discover He Bought Car for His Teammate

Popular twitter Philanthropist, Bill Pulte, who inherited bunch of cash from his grandfather, had said he gave a lone bitcoin to someone, to discover the person also bought a car for his teammate after.

Although, Bill Pulte did not mention the person due to his style of philanthropism on Twitter which is beyond the understanding of many.

However a number of persons on twitter are of the opinion that the social media philanthropist is only trying to be popular.

Few weeks back, Pulte came online to demand for a retweet, and promised to doll out cash in return for randomly selected retweet.

Bill Pulte, 25, inherited from his grandfather, who left the largest real estate and home construction firms in the U.S. behind for the benefit of the young entrepreneur.

Pulte also manages the Detroit Blight Authority and private equity firms. Now, he’s being regarded as a #TwitterPhilanthropy dolling out bag of dollars to the needy on the social platforms through Twitter’s CashApp.

In mid-August, Bill promised to give $11,294 or a Bitcoin to randomly selected followers when they retweet.

People at various points have accused Pulte of building popularity in an ill-mannered way, building names around sentiments without real impact.

Few days back, Pulte said he was going to give 100 random followers who retweet his comment on Twitter $100. He stated that those who wish to be eligible must be following him. On July 1, Pulte’s Twitter follower was sitting slightly above 10,000. Now, the young entrepreneur now has around 680K followers.

On this Twitter Philanthropy, Pulte and popular Bitcoin enthusiast, Anthony Pompliano, discussed Twitter philanthropy during one of the latter’s podcast.

Pulte was first mentioned by Anthony on his Twitter page. Afterward, the philanthropist demanded for a retweet and promised Bitcoin in return.

Not long after, Pulte revealed the winner, demanding to give more bitcoin if he finally gets 1 million retweets. However, the tweet is nothing close to 1 million retweets, but has garnered over 190 thousand retweets at press time.

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