Tron (TRX) : Tronics To Decentralize Education With Free And Most Influential Blockchain University

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As a representative member of the Tron (TRX) community which presides over the Tron network, Team Tronics has placed quality blockchain focused education at the forefront for the development of the cryptocurrency and its community.

Coming from a Team Tronics member today, Drew Wise highlighted the importance of education at the moment, stating that Team Tronics aims to develop the most influential Blockchain University.

The Team Tronics member noted that while it is free, Team Tronics which is an elected member of TRONSR is capable of incentivizing student’s learning on Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, Tron and its network, amongst others.

Earlier around June, it was stated that the Tronics University which offers decentralized education for pupils in the decentralized world will be open for enrollment by fall 2018.

For every community member who desire to get well informed about TRON blockchain technology and its ecosystem and partners, the Team Tronics University is a place to be as it strive to give you all you want.

With proper understanding of every member who register with Team Tronics, the team will be able to give a deserving experience. Knowledge will be disbursed based on individual’s level of understanding and experience about the context.

The activities and experiences offered at the institute will be dished out with articles, videos, tests and quizzes, among others. While the institute offers full courses and degrees, pupils will be allowed to monitor the progress of their studies.

Team Tronics aims to use this development to strengthen, heighten and build the skill and knowledge of member of the Tron community.

The learning platform will be online, members of the community will be able to gain access to the activities offered after registration.

On completion of classes, proper understanding of articles about Tron blockchain technology and its partner, and success is made in quizzes and challenges, member will be rewarded  with TRX.

Based on the fact that Team Tronics understands that individual level of exposure about the context varies, members are granted the permission to enroll into the institution in three different levels:

  1. Novice
  2. Competent
  3. Expert

Team Tronics intends to use this development to make education really decentralized in a decentralized ecosystem of TRON.


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