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TRON’s Justin Sun Reiterates Commitment to Return TRX and BTT to Top 10 and 30

Justin Sun Proclaims Tron (TRX) As The Best Digital Currency For Bakkt


TRON’s Justin Sun Reiterates Commitment to Return TRX and BTT to Top 10 and 30

Justin Sun has reiterated his commitment to its two project –TRON and BitTorrent, vowing to return TRX and BTT back to top 10 and 30 respectively.

The progress statement is coming few days after the TRON Foundation announced the launch TRON’s side chain solution, SunNetwork Version 1.0.

Justin Sun

Justin Sun, by indication, has been pushing to return TRON to the top 10 again, after it fell from the region. However, it is believed that the launch of the SUN Network will reinvented the strength of achieving the said milestone. TRON and BitTorrent at present sits on the 14th and 46th position respectively.

According to a release by the foundation, the SUN Network is purposely designed as a scaling solution built to increase the capacity of the TRON MainNet.

The network incorporates diverse scaling projects that are not limited to DAppChain, cross-chain communications, smart contract optimized application side chain among others.

DAppChain is responsible for offering limitless scaling potential to the TRON MainNet, making it possible for DApps to have high security and efficiency with low power consumption.

Justin Sun, who spoke on the development, said the TRON Network, with time, will enable lots of projects.

Late 2018, TRON unveiled the TVM. Now, nothing less than 500 high quality DApps are running on the network, in just 7 months after TVM was launched. Since the launch of MainNet, TRON has seen 410 million secure transactions.

Also, as reflected by TronScan block explorer, the Tron blockchain has achieved over 500 million smart contracts since launch.

At the time of writing, there are more than 2 million user accounts on the blockchain, and users continue to troop into the network on daily basis.

Added to the news, TRON partner WINk (WIN), a platform introducing socialization to the gaming industry has secured the Costa Rica Commercial Patent Certificate.

Justin Sun who has been promoting the project on his Twitter account for some time now, branded the development as giant milestone for the project and the gaming industry at large.

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