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TRON (TRX) To Partner Tech Giant With Hundreds of Million Users

Justin Sun TRON TRX


TRON (TRX) To Partner Tech Giant With Hundreds of Million Users

  • TRON (TRX) To announce a partnership with tech giant with hundreds of million user.
  • Tron Community members questioned Sun’s hesitation in redeeming 28,000 US Dollars won by two users

Tron (TRX) recently announced the launching of BitTorrent on TRON network. BitTorrent is a leading software company with the highest torrent users.

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron (TRX) passed the information across to his wide range of followers on twitter, stating that another tech giant with hundreds of millions of users will as well partner with Tron ecosystem in Q2 of this year.

While Sun is going to be making the revelation at the Consensus 2019, Justin is one of the major CEO in the cryptocurrency space pushing for global adoption.

Tron has partnered different firms across the globe. The crypto project is integrated on PornHub.

Last week, Tron announced a partnership deal with Cred, a crypto-lending platform with $30 million in lending capital. The crypto platform also partnered with Baidu,

However, some of Justin Sun’s followers on twitter exhibited a bit of unbelief on this incoming partnership the same way some announcement in the past came out to be a misconception. A good example was the supposed partnership with Liverpool Fc, which later turned out to be misconstrued.

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Tron Community Members Displayed Their Unbelief

A Twitter user by the name Yatinsethi20 gestured his unbelief as he pleaded that the information should be true this time.

Another user claimed he sold his holding of Tron (TRX), believing that TRX is a shitcoin that will never reach $1.

He tweeted thus “I sold all my trx! Shit coin! Will never reach 1usd anyway”.

Although, with so many attacks on Justin Sun, a user was resolute in his defense as he claimed that nobody’s opinion matters even if the information is falsified, saying that Sun is already a successful man and he will continue to believe in him.

TelegramAnother notable issue about two Tron Community members that won 28000 US Dollars, which equals 1 Tesla, was raised in response to Justin Sun’s tweet. The delivery of the prize was a bit delayed, and the community did not take it with good fate as they continue to chant that Justin Sun should redeem his promise without hesitation.

Justin Sun Responded By Redeeming His Promise

Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun in two successive tweets displayed his transparency to the Tron Community by captioning the posts where the two winners announced the reception of their prizes, congratulating and thanking them for their consistent support and patience.

After the confirmation of the deliveries, the Tron community members came back to praise Justin Sun for the redemption of his promises despite the long term delay, as one member claimed that the he feels the trust is returning gradually.

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Tron (TRX) uses giveaway to boost the interest of its users and investors in order to enhance TRX global exposure and for some capital suitors to come on board with sense of security as they invest. The blockchain project keeps expanding with partnerships and integration.

All hands are on deck for the announcement as promised by Justin Sun.

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