Tron (TRX) To Open More Overseas Offices After Beijing and San Francisco HQT

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After Tron (TRX) announced to be completely decentralised, the cryptocurrency has decided to be opening different offices after it launched its headquarters in Beijing and San Francisco, a decision that puts the cryptocurrency among the rash of firms who desire expansion in the nooks and crannies of the world.

Mere looking at Tron, the cryptocurrency is no doubt an ambitious idea centered on bringing about completely decentralized Internet for payment, and despite the stiff regulatory principles witnessed in different countries, one can easily affirm that Tron has the infrastructure to withstand and jump all hurdles.

Source: Twitter.

In this regard, with Tron’s two headquarters in Beijing and San Francisco, Tron is willing to put its fruit prints in other countries by establishing more offices, hence, its decision to begin a recruitment offensive in other countries where Tron has the intention of staging offices.


However, those willing to Join Tron must show a high passion for blockchain technology, and ready to make history by joining the cryptocurrency firm.

At the moment, Tron has over 100 team members who are experienced blockchain lovers and have worked for different technology giant like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, among many others.

Justin Sun Decides To Contest As Tron Super Representative.

Focused cryptocurrency chief, Justin Sun who founded Tron and acquired BitTorrent recently, has decided to contest in the ongoing Tron Super Representative Election (TSR), joining more than 60 SR candidates who have in one way or the other contributed to the development of the cryptocurrency in recent in the past.

To Tron enthusiasts, Justin’s decision to join in the Super Representative election and go through the selection procedures like other contestants affirms his believe of making the platform completely democratic.

In another sense, according to Sun, the decision to run in the super representative election is personal, and attests to the fact that anyone can contest based on the Tron’s natural right.

In this wise, the 33.2 billion TRX locked by TRON foundation will not be part of this election since Justin’s decision is only personal.

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