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Tron (TRX) Achieves Another Milestone: $100M Transacted on a DApp

Tron (TRX) Gears Up For Position 6 Milestone, Reaches 7th With Price Explosion


Tron (TRX) Achieves Another Milestone: $100M Transacted on a DApp

  • Tron hits new milestone in 4 months
  • $100 million (circa 3,390,012,856 TRX) spent on one Tron Dapp in 24 hours

It is clear Tron (TRX) is championing the decentralization industry especially with the acquisition of BitTorrent file sharing protocol which gives the former an edge over its contemporaries in the crypto space.

Tron is breaking frontiers that look somewhat unachievable to rise atop in the crypto space. The high momentum maintained by the network towards the end of the week which kept naysayers silent is yet to die. Tron (TRX) has just exceeded a milestone that is worth celebrating.

Last week, Tron made it to the top 10 position of the market table with an intriguing momentum along the upside trend of the market, and it looks like the altcoin wont witness a drop as it continues to maintain positive drive in the market.

Just after the day broke today, an exciting update about the performance of the blockchain network in the last 24 hours surfaced. Tron did beautifully well in the crypto and dapp sector with outnumbering transaction volume.

According to TronScan, the daily transaction of the blockchain network yesterday was quite impressive with a new high in the last four months.

On July 21st, Tron network presented a transaction volume of $3,491,517, all thanks to Tronics community and Tron foundation. Yesterday, Tron network transaction volume spiked by over $1.5 million after maintaining a barrier below $2 million.

$100 million (Circa 3,390,012,856 TRX) Spent on one Tron Dapp in 24 hours

Formerly championed by Ethereum, the Dapp sector remains a prominent sphere in the blockchain industry.

Transition has taken place in the sector and the wave of Tron (TRX) is enormously felt as Tron hosts countless of life changing dapps.

TronBet, a top dapp on Tron network, yesterday overpowered its competitors in the space with a gigantic transaction volume.

For the first time in the history of the decentralized application, it hit a transaction volume of $100 million (circa 3,390,012,856 TRX) in 24 hours.

As a result, TronBet was ranked the best performing dapp in the latest report released by DappReview.

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