Tron (TRX) Overtakes Bitcoin As The Most Searched Crypto

Tron (TRX) Overtakes Bitcoin As The Most Searched Crypto

Tron (TRX) prides itself as one of the fastest growing cryptos in the digital currency market and this was proven to be true for an hour on Sunday on Twitter when the cryptocoin overtook Bitcoin as the most searched cryptocurrency on twitter few days back.

This was revealed by the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, according to the statistic released Bitcoin had 1,454 mentions to Tron’s 1,611mentions. This figure shows that Tron has managed to break even in the crypto community despite not achieving mainstream status.


Tron has in the past few months seen an increase in the number of transactions performed using the digital coin. According to the last reports over 60,000 transactions were performed daily. This is a significant increase from the 10,000 transactions daily it recorded during its early days in 2017.

Tron has been embarking on massive publicity awareness with its Tron foundation developments which has led to increased usage in the past few months. Tron has been inputting much research and resources into the launch of its Virtual Machine

Tron Set To Expand Dominance With Virtual Machine Launch

This virtual technology according to Tron would enable new developments for the Blockchain technology network. The Virtual machine would also be compatible with the recent frameworks and enable recovery and snapshot options.

According to industry experts would reduce the monopoly of Ethereum seen as the major player in the Virtual tech market and usher a new era of Tron dominance. This could be leveraged to increase the companies numbers in the Market cap.

Tron has shown the capacity to handle large transactions which has proven to be the undoing of crypto companies seeking to expand. The company at one point was receiving as much as 1,300 transactions per second this year.

This revealed that TRON had the tech to handle regular levels of huge transactions which would be boosted by the launch of the Virtual Machine. Also, Tron revealed that the company had expanded the number of its super representatives on the network to 15.

Tron also boasted during the launch of the Virtual Machine that it would enable Tron to overtake Ethereum as the largest daily transaction network. This would essentially make it the most influential open source blockchain in the World.

Tron also revealed that, has completely achieved TRX token swap, which would make the transfer of TRX easy and ensure quick deposits and withdrawals. These developments have helped to boost the trading with Tron’s TRX.

Tron currently sits on 11th place according to coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1.9 billion and has 65 billion TRX in circulation. This makes it one of the most traded crypto in the digital currency market and has the capacity to grow even bigger.

Tron Partners HummingPay

The crypto co-founder Justin Sun had announced last month that Tron has been listed on HummingPay informing users that TRX coin can now be traded on the popular block-chain based payment solution.

These developments mean that users can take advantage of Humming Pay which has widespread influence in the digital currency market.

HummingPay stated the benefits users would get from this partnership as small businesses would be able to use TRX as the major currency on HummingPay.

The payment gateway also has some of the cheapest transaction fees compare to other payment systems. This according to them would allow the company to handle different set of users from small business, large enterprises and increase customer base.

Also, another major benefit is the company’s fast transactions, speeds and anonymous payments solution. Humming Pay would use the Tron Network for its transaction processes which would ensure that transactions go faster and reliable.

Tron At A Glance

TRON has always had its ambition as a decentralized content sharing platform which leverages the potentials of blockchain technology via peer to peer networks. Tron is a non-profit based foundation with an aim to reduce the payment problems in the entertainment industry.

One of the features that make Tron Popular is the absence of third-party middlemen in transactions and it allows content to be paid for directly from consumers. Since its launch in 2017 it has become one of the widely used crypto in the entertainment sector.


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