Tron (TRX) Now Fastest Growing Coin, Rises From 30,000 Daily Transactions To 206,000

Tron Trx Transaction

After independent, Tron’s (TRX) growth rate has been rapid than ever. The Cryptocurrency is progressing at an exponential rate. The group of individuals behind the altcoin are now opportunist in creating developments for Tron in the crypto space.

To cut the long story short, Tron has been ranked the fastest growing Cryptocurrency in space for the month of August after achieving a tremendous increase in the number of its daily transactions.

Tron was reported to have started the month with only 30,100 transactions a day, and by the end of the month, it has exponentially risen to 206,000.

Deciphering the result compared to Ethereum which moved from 538,500 transaction a day to 780,000, Tron’s average daily transactions is now close to 1/3 of Ethereum’s.

Surely, this moved the community and lovers of the Cryptocurrency as they wait for more better days when Tron will light the world with its power.

Tron (TRX) After MainNet Launch.

June 25 marked the official MainNet launch of Tron and its independence day in the crypto space. Ever since the migration which ushered Tron’s transfer and its tokens from the Ethereum’s ERC20 ecosystem, the cryptocurrency has been shoving out myriads of developments to its ecosystem.

Since the MainNet launch of Tron, it has become one of the largest decentralized network in the space. As at the end of August, Tron had achieved a total of 282,859 accounts.

Compared to July, the number of accounts increased by 1,431%, while 45,600% addition was recorded since the official MainNet launch.

Tron (TRX) vs Ethereum (ETH)

Since June 25 (Official MainNet launch day), Tron had been on the race of bettering Ethereum. At the moment, it seems like market cap remains the only thing needed for Tron to overwhelmingly prove to the world that it is better than Ethereum.

Tron’s milestone seems to be outmatching Ethereum’s. Two months after the MainNet launch of the former, its daily transactions peak is 46 times that of the latter.

Similarly within the same period, Tron’s average daily transaction is 46 times ahead of Ethereum’s.

Tron’s (TRX) Latest Developments

Tron has released its Virtual Machine (TVM) to the space, and it is now bossing the decentralized realm. After the TVM launch, the Cryptocurrency listed out six earthshaking DApp that was built on its network to make the decentralized world a better world for people.

At the moment, Tron is cruising the world with adoptions from the like of Netcents, a US based Bitcoin Superstore, and other big and minor stores across the world.

Image Credit: DailyHodl


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