Tron (TRX) Gets 1 Billion Users In 138 Countries Through BitTorrent

Tronbittorrent Partnership

Tron’s (TRX) tempo to live up to its billing as the biggest decentralised ecosystem around the world seems not to be dying down due to the massive and unending achievements and innovations the altcoin is throwing into the sphere at every available chance.

After the acquisition of BitTorrent, Team Tronics has lauded the procurement has been a leapfrogging stimulant for Tron, shutting the mouth of pessimists.

Team Tronics in a tweet today announced that Tron’s collaboration with BitTorrent has been a stepping stone for Tron foundation, bringing 1 Billion users in 138 countries to Tron ecosystem.

On July 24, Justin sun, in a developmental letter sent to the altcoin’s community announced that Tron has acquired BitTorrent, and the users of the later will now be an extra for Tron ecosystem.

Sun averred why BitTorrent remains the largest decentralised protocol in the world, stating afterward that the 100 million users which the p2p network will be added to Tron’s ecosystem.

The letter further disclosed that BitTorrent which was unveiled in 2001 is being regarded as the frontrunner of decentralisation technology and the groundwork for a transparent, open and shared Internet protocol.

TRX Gets Listed On Atomic Wallet

Not the end, Tron foundation in a news today announced that TRX has been listed on Atomic Wallet.

The Atomic Wallet, according to the release grants users more flexibility as it supports most of the key operating systems that are available in the market like MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.


With the Atomic wallet, cross-chain swapping is enabled, and effort required by TRONICS in managing crypto assets will be slashed.

The release also noted that the wallet mitigates third-party risk, provides prompt borderless exchange at fixed rate, and it is 100% secure with full and free encryption.

Granting a more convenient way of handling crypto assets which is reliable and transparent, Atomic Wallet at the moment supports 300 coins and tokens.

The listing on Atomic Wallet amongst other developments which the altcoin is amassing lately has been predicted to thrust Tron’s growth to space in few days to come.

Image Credit: Steemit


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