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Tron (TRX) Exceeds Bitcoin’s 10 Years Transaction In 319 Days, Network’s Smart Contracts Hits 900

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Tron (TRX) Exceeds Bitcoin’s 10 Years Transaction In 319 Days, Network’s Smart Contracts Hits 900

No doubt, Bitcoin remains the dominating coin with a brassy crown on its head, but some cryptocurrencies like Tron (TRX) and XRP, among others in the industry, are serving the crypto king endgame leaflets as they fill up voids created by the trailblazer with their timber potency.

Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the decentralization-focused blockchain technology, Tron (TRX), today announced that Tron’s transactions have now surpassed Bitcoin’s.

As if that was not enough, the millennial CEO added more salt to the injury of the leading coin by revealing that in just 319 days, Tron was able to surpass the Bitcoin’s 10 years (all time) transactions.

With great credit to the Tronics’ effort, Justin Sun proclaimed that the achievement was underpinned by the team’s hard work.

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“It takes 319 days of TRON to surpass the 10 years transactions of Bitcoin, thanks for all the hardwork from TRONICS to make such a remarkable achievement”, Sun continued. “Let’s keep the pace and work together for a better future”!

Tron is just 319 days old, with reference to the mainnet date, and its total transactions are 412+ million while the 10 years old Bitcoin records total transactions below 411 million.

The report affirmed Tron (TRX) is better than Bitcoin as it offers better enhanced decentralized technology and transaction speed.


Tron (TRX) Network Smart Contracts Hits 900

The week is running out and Tron has just released its weekly DApps report where it was mentioned that the smart contract on the network of the giant technology has just reached 900.

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Ever since the mainnet launch, Tron (TRX) technology has been a hospitable den for DApp developers. Thus making the number of DApps on the network grow exponentially.

With a consistent weekly progression, the report highlighted that the number of new DApps on the network increased by 24 when compared to last week’s result.

Another remarkable result from the update is that while the betting industry remains a prolific one, gambling games are the majority among the 14 new games deployed on the network.

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