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Tron (TRX) Becomes Most Successful DApp Network in Q2 as DappRadar Unveils Major Changes

Justin Sun Proclaims Tron (TRX) As The Best Digital Currency For Bakkt


Tron (TRX) Becomes Most Successful DApp Network in Q2 as DappRadar Unveils Major Changes

  • Tron becomes best Dapp network in Q2 2019
  • DappRadar unveils major modification on Tron network
  • Justin Sun got something to discuss with Warren Buffett

A member and contributing writer of Forbes Finance Council, David Gokhshtein, today declared that Tron (TRX) foundation and CEO Justin Sun are everywhere in the blockchain space, and yes they are. Their eloquent wave is also being felt in the decentralized industry.

As revealed in a report today, Tron blockchain technology is the most successful and outperforming network in the dapp industry for Q2 2019, and this is not the first time.

In the dapp sector, Tron has been at the pinnacle since its independence away from Ethereum (ERC20) network in June 2018.

The competitive space has so far felt the huge wave of the blockchain network. After four quarters, Tron emerged as the best performing network in the industry and this is not the first of its kind.

According to the update, Tron outpaced the likes of EOS and Ethereum which are known for hosting multitude of Dapps. While Tron presented 445,000 active Dapp users in the second quarter of the year, Ethereum followed with 365,000 users and EOS was ranked the third most successful network in the sector with 276,563 users.

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In another update unleashed by CEO Justin Sun, in its Q2 2019 report also ranked Tron at the top ahead of EOS and Ethereum. The report stated the Tron surpassed EOS and Ethereum with a record growth of 310,503 new Dapp users.

Rendering Dapp Review, the overall daily transaction volume of Dapps executed on Tron in the last 7 days exceeded that of Ethereum and EOS added together.

Tron, in a medium report, stated that it has labeled 2019 as “DAPP’s First Year” after witnessing explosive growth within the year.

“Currently, there are over 600 smart contracts running on TRON with over 400 million times of contract triggers”, Tron foundation reveals.

Few days back, Today’s Gazette reported that Tron surpassed Ethereum’s all-time transaction, and now, the blockchain network has 3.2 million TRON holders, a valued which is 2.5 times greater than EOS’.

DappRadar Unveils Major Modification on Tron Network

While gambling Dapps are known for their prosperity in the industry, DappRadar in a report stated that Tron has got more to offer than gambling Dapps.

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DappRadar declared that top 10 Dapps on the Tron network now includes three exchanges, one game and 6 gambling app. Previously, top dapps on Tron were fully inundated by the latter.

Gambling Dapps are known to be associated with high-risk and this used to be the types of Dapp common on Tron network. According to DappRadar, this is now changing, as quality Dapps are now being deployed on Tron and such are already getting attention from audience.

DappRadar ended the story by saying: “something for Justin Sun to discuss with Warren Buffett perhaps?

I am a lifetime Entrepreneur, Contributor @Thrive Global, @Oracle Times, @Coin Gape. Khalid Lawal is a lover of Blockchain technology and a junior analyst. • Hopes to be a venture capitalist one day. 

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