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Tron Mashes Dapp Record with over 100k Daily Users

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Tron Mashes Dapp Record with over 100k Daily Users

Tron smashes Dapp record with over 100k Daily Users. The crypto market is experiencing an upward trend and Dapps are not to be left behind. As it is, Tron has just broken it own records in daily active DApp users.

As at May 16, Tron recorded more than 100k active daily users. Tron has been improving on its DApp, it’s no wonder in April, TRON beat Ethereum [ETH] and EOS DApps.

With over 167 new DApps, TRON is ahead of Ethereum which has 122 and EOS which has 81. Trons growth can be linked to it’s large user base of gambling DApps. Also, TRON is still aiming to attract more users by creating more sophisticated DApps.

According to a Tweet by Misha Lederman, Co-Founder of and blockchain Consultant, reveals that Tron’s DApps have hit up to 102,497 daily users.

Currently, TRX is trading at $0.026252 as at the time of writing. According to Dapp Review, Trading volume of Tron’s DApps surpassed that of both ETH and EOS. Tron leads the way with $22,797,323, while EOS comes second at $22,181,400 and ETH comes last at $19, 299,527.

Although one of Tron’s DApps, DooTron – a gambling DApp has disappeared without any explanation. Before it’s disappearance,  DooTron launched its second game called Shoot. However, Tron’s apps are still gaining traction.

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Tron smashes Dapp record with over 100k Daily Users

Tron is also expanding its user base as it sets to partner with popular browser, Opera. Opera has announced that it will support TRON as well as tokens based on the TRC standard.

In a bid to establish its commitment towards making the Web 3.0 ecosystem more user-friendly, Opera is expanding its support for cryptocurrencies. Tron is putting in more work to get many users to interact with its digital currencies as well as its DApps.

What do you think about TRON’s DApp growth? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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