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Tron Ranks Among Top Ten Projects by Number of Github Commits in the Last Six Months



Tron Ranks Among Top Ten Projects by Number of Github Commits in the Last Six Months

Web decentralization blockchain project Tron has recorded another important achievement since its existence. The project is ranking among the top projects by number of Github commits in the last 6 months.

Precisely, it has the 8th highest number of commits among 485 cryptocurrency projects.

Also worthy of note is the fact that Tron is the highest among the top 20 followed by Chainlink (LINK) which is the only other cryptocurrency among the top 20 to make it on the list.

It is also the only well known cryptocurrency project to make the top ten, with a of 1,626 commits from 83 contributors/

Increasing popularity

According to, a cryptocurrency ranking website based on number of Github commits, the ranking also indicates the level of popularity of projects.

By this measure, Tron’s popularity is increasing steadily. The 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap was completely absent among the top ten projects in the last 12 months.

It ranked as the 10th in the last 9 months but has risen two places to the 8th position within 3 months.

This also ranks the project among the repos with the fastest growing popularity.

Other projects which were among the top ten have either fallen out such as 0x (ZRX).

Another cryptocurrency Beam (BEAM) has reduced in rank from the 8th position in the last 9 months to the 10th in the last 6 months, more like a position swap with Tron.

An ambitious project

The achievement for Tron may not be coming as a surprise because it is arguably one of the most ambitious in the cryptocurrency space.

The project which launched its mainnet and became independent of Ethereum just over a year ago has recorded other achievements.

This include the number of dapps exceeding those of older competitors including Ethereum and the number of smart contract triggers soaring from week to week

The project also recently hit over 3 million active addresses on the network and still counting. This is a stunning increase from just over 40,000 in July of 2018 till date.

If the growth continues at this rate, Tron may be ranking much higher in popularity on Github as the number of developers keep growing owing to the project’s accelerator program. 

Tron CEO Justin Sun has an ambition to make the project a leading smart contract and dapp ecosystem and is determined to do whatever it takes to get there.

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He recently said TRX which now ranks 14th by market cap will soon get back to the top ten and BTT will be among the top 30. Sun’s methods have largely been questioned but in some way it seems to be working in increasing Tron’s popularity.

at the start of the year, he promised to make Tron a leader in smart contracts and dapps. Sun has Ethereum and EOS to battle against and the end of 2019 may be a major determinant of what the future holds for the project.

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