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Tron Official Partners Are Companies Who Make Not Less Than 1 Billion in Revenue


Tron Official Partners Are Companies Who Make Not Less Than 1 Billion in Revenue

Tron is one of the platforms that has grown tremendously, extending arms of partnership. The networks though very young have attained remarkable leveraging on partnership. Its partnership cuts across well-established companies with high revenues.

Strong partnership and good publicity have been identified as instrumental to Tron’s growth. Even to the level of surpassing other long-established companies. In a report released a couple of months by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development on the ranking of crypto project, the center applauded Tron.

It stated that though as a newcomer in the crypto space, Tron is a low-level public chain with high throughput, high expansion, and high reliability. Comparing Tron with Ethereum smart contract, the center defines Tron chains transactions as more active.

Tron Latest Partnerships With Big Companies.

Recently Tron has gained favor with a lot of big companies, the only one that didn’t work was the intended partnership with Liverpool which turned out to be a scam.

Partnership With Opera

Tron’s latest partnership is with Opera, CEO Justin Sun who is always quick to announce to the public any achievement recorded by Tron, tweeted on the May 15.

Announcing the partnership on his official Twitter handle, the CEO tweeted that Opera is “announcing intention to support TRX and other TRC standard tokens.” Opera crypto wallet will enable its hundreds of million users to play Tron games and access Tron Dapps.

Partnership With Tether

Tron joined Tether to launch TRC20 based on Stablecoin. Tether(USDT) is the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization.


The two ventures stated that adding the dollar-pegged coin to Tron’s blockchain will promote its already existing ecosystem of Dapps and improve its value storage and liquidity. It is also expected to make Tron network more accessible to enterprise-level partners and institutional investors.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tether, Jean-Louis van der Velde, in his announcement on the partnership, expressed happiness in collaborating with Tron foundation. He stated the partnership shows the company’s interest in promoting innovation in the crypto space.

These are the major partnership that has added more feathers to Tron cap.

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