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Tron May Need to Check Execution Cost Before Deploying Contracts to Mainnet

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Tron May Need to Check Execution Cost Before Deploying Contracts to Mainnet

Tron is celebrating the one year anniversary of its blockchain MainNet launch. Casting a critical look on the platform, there are very important things that should be done now that the blockchain system is fully active. One of it is to set the right limit before deploying contracts to Mainnet.

Tron Mainnet was officially launched on May 31, 2018, named Odyssey 2.0. It is intended to be a fully developed and functional blockchain that will enable the creation of Dapps. Tron aimed to become strong enough to overtake Ethereum operating on this platform.

Why Tron Should Set the Appropriate Limit

Tron should set the fee limit, which is the upper limit of the smart contract deploy or the execution cost in the native token TRX. The highest limit is 1000 TRX or 1e9 SUN, because it is measured in SUN. There will be an error if it sets at a value higher than 1e9.

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But this limit needs to be increased to 1000 TRX when deploying larger contracts. And the value can be set in both Tron-Box and Tron-Web.

Trades on the decentralized exchanges are carried out in the smart contract, in other to effect transparency, data is stored on the blockchain.

The Tron community have developed so much trust in Tron and believe the Tron network will be able to improve the whole internet.

Impact of Tron Mainnet

Tron is the largest blockchain based network, operating on Mainnet has enabled the network to garner great partnership with both programmers and developers.

It has been able to perform better than Ethereum developing features on its platform. So many developers have also migrated from other networks like Ethereum and EOS to Tron.

Mainnet gave Tron an edge over other networks in housing Dapps, it has also made the network faster, stronger and more efficient.

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Now the most popular Dapps are housed on the platform some of which are; Epic Dragons (games), Crazy Dog Live (gambling), TronCraft (gambling), TronVegas (gambling), and Play GOC (gambling).

Tron is likely to soar higher if it can check execution cost to place a limit.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as a financial advice. It is written for informational purpose only. Do not base your trading or investment on this article.

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