Tron In For Major Upgrade, Makes Move For Smart Contract Era –TRX News Today

Tron Trx

One of the most efficacious cryptographic project in the blockchain industry, Tron (TRX) seems to be in order of succession due to a news which emanated from the founder, Justin Sun, that the Cryptocurrency will be initiating a major upgrade on its network, and such will make it faster, despite the fact that its speed has been rated above a number of top Cryptocurrencies.

Justin Sun said based on the consensus of the community, Tron, at around 8pm SGT, will be upgrading to Odyssey 3.1

It is now more than three months since Tron’s MainNet came to live and the cryptocurrency’s winning trick in the space displays no sign of relentlessness. Attesting to the news which disrupted the Tron community in less than two weeks ago that the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) would soon come to live, Founder Sun yesterday announced that the TVM will be launched today, 8th of October, alongside the TRON Committee function.

While TVM allows programmers to create and test decentralized applications that execute smart contract on Tron network, Justin Sun made known that the release will usher the cryptocurrency into Smart Contract Era.

Added to the announcement, the CEO who is a technology enthusiast called on users and developers of decentralized application that Tron network is the best place to work, noting that the latest development will in few days make Tron 200 time faster than Ethereum (ETH) and 100 times cheaper that EOS (EOS).

Tron (TRX) Price Growth Today

Many have tagged the proclamation of Justin Sun to be a great pusher for Tron in space today.

Starting the last 24 hours with $0.02494 price, Tron’s value rose up in the space, adding 8.24% to its value to stay above many of its contemporaries in the market today.

At the start of the Asian trading session, Tron was valued $0.02550. Tron immediately rose up to $0.02707 price.

While maintaining its growth on the upside trend, Tron rose up to reach $0.02809, it highest price of the day as at the press time, and Tron now maintains $0.02677 price against dollars.


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