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TRON Futures Trading Available On OKEx – TRON (TRX) News

OKEx Set To Launch BSV-Centric Exchange


TRON Futures Trading Available On OKEx – TRON (TRX) News

  • Sun has grown TRON into billion-dollar blockchain
  • TRON Futures available on OKEx next week
  • Top 1-50 users will share 800,000 TRX and the users ranked after 50 will share 200,000 TRX

The TRON (TRX) network has continued to evolve over the last few years, providing blockchain support to multiple other tokens.

However, it seems that its CEO and founder, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), was right when he said few days ago that at the end of this year, TRON will have around 10 to 15 million transactions per day.

The truth is, Sun has grown TRON into a billion-dollar blockchain in less than two years. He also launched its mainnet, and acquired Bittorrent – all during the bear market.

Las but not least was his tweet where he announced that TRON (TRX)Futures will be available on OKEx in Monday, 20th of May at 8:00 (CET, UTC+1).

Four Days of Promotion Period Gets Bonuses to Users

From this Maltese crypto exchange they’ve said that people will be able to deposit TRON (TRX) into their futures account and enjoy the promotion period from May 20-24.

TRON (TRX) futures contract will be live at 8:00 May 20, 2019 (CET, UTC+1). You can deposit TRON (TRX) into your futures account and enjoy the followings:

“All KYC level 2 verified users will be ranked by their TRON net deposit amount in the futures account. The top 1-50 users will share 800,000 TRX and the users ranked after 50 will share 200,000 TRX.”

The bonus a user can get is based on the ratio of user net deposit amount : total net deposit amount.

Bonus will be airdropped to users funding account.


Terms & Conditions include:

1. Net deposit amount = deposit amount – withdrawal amount
2. Promotion period: 11:00 May 20 – 11:00 May 24, 2019 (CET, UTC+1)
3. Valid for KYC level 2 verified users only
4. In case of dispute, OKEx reserves the final right of decision

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OKEx is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, as it was founded in 2017. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the exchange is known for becoming one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges within a short time. OKEx is being ambitious compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, as it was recently reported that the company is attempting to create its own blockchain called the “OKChain.”

OKEx also recently expanded to Malta because the country embraces blockchain arguably more than any other country in the world, resulting in the Mediterranean nation earning the nickname “Blockchain Island” in various cryptocurrency circles.

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OKEx and Huobi Best Tron-Powered Decentralized Exchanges

In early March, blockchain protocol TRON (TRX) and Tether, issuer of stalwart stablecoins USDT and EURT, announced their partnership to issue a TRC-20-based USDT — a term that indicates adherence to a technical token standard supported by the Tron (TRX) blockchain. The new token is designed to be interoperable with all Tron-based protocols and decentralized applications to improve liquidity in the ecosystem.

In their respective announcements, Singaporean Huobi Global and OKEx cited user needs and demands for a full spectrum of stablecoin trading, with both noting their platforms now support three separate protocol versions of USDT — the Bitcoin network-based USDT-Omni, Ethereum-powered USDT-ERC-20 and the new USDT-TRON.


Whereas both OKEx and Huobi are among the world’s leading centralized crypto exchanges — ranked 3rd and 14th by adjusted daily trade volume respectively to press time — Tron and Tether have emphasized that the beneficiaries of USDT-TRON are intended to be traders on Tron-powered Decentralised Exchanges (DEX).

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