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Tron Designs Unique Distributed Storage Protocol to Enhance Diversified Data Storage

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Tron Designs Unique Distributed Storage Protocol to Enhance Diversified Data Storage

The CEO and founder of Tron blockchain technology, Justin Sun, has just announced the unveiling of a development on its blockchain network to better the experience of users in the space.

The millennial tech savvy aired that the team behind the blockchain technology has designed a newly defined storage system known as distributed storage protocol.

The statement mentioned that the storage protocol consist of block storage and state storage. It also has a graph database for the enhancement of diversified data storage in the real world.

“The tech team of TRON designed a unique distributed storage protocol consisting of block storage and state storage. The notion of a graph database was introduced into the design of the storage layer to better meet the need for diversified data storage in the real world,” Sun said.

Today’s Gazette further learnt that the protocol which will be serving the network’s Dapp section and wallet was designed with five programing languages. This includes; C++, Python, Scala, Java and Go.

The latest development shows Tron’s commitment towards making the world a better place for users of blockchain network with decentralized technology.

Earlier, Tron introduced the SUNNetwork into its protocol to better its scalability and increase the usage of Dapps on its network.

However, it looks like Tron’s hard work is paying off for the blockchain network lately as founder Justin Sun declared that its network was ranked as the largest growing network in Q2 of 2019 in terms of new users.

Tron Sees Over 300,000 Users Increase in Q2

According to, more than 300,000 new users were registered on Tron-based DApps in the second quarter of the year.

The report cited that Tron-based blockchain dApp networks recorded the largest increase among other platforms in the quarter.

Also, Tron rose to be the number one blockchain network with active users within the same period after surpassing Ethereum.

However, even though EOS’s number of transactions was the highest with 189.79 million, Tron managed to secure a good position (second) with 89.8 million transactions.

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