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Tron CEO Promises More Surprises That Will Knock Off Instagram and Snapchat

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Tron CEO Promises More Surprises That Will Knock Off Instagram and Snapchat

The aggressive CEO of Tron, Justin Sun recently tweeted that the release of BitTorrent speed is the first to what his team is set to achieve. He promised that the Tron team has a plan to bring on something exceptional on BitTorrent.

BitTorrent Speed was designed to empower BitTorrent protocol and support innovations in the blockchain industry. It connects and rewards users with (BTT) tokens. It enables users to be able to receive tokens for sending files and allow download speed on a peer-to-peer network to become faster and more accessible.

It is available on the UTorrent Classic Windows client, to enable the largest blockchain application in the world that provides support for speedy uploading and downloading of files.

Speculations have it that using BTLive will make people abandon other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc, due to the great incentive and speedy experience it offers, alongside some other intriguing features.

Reasons Why BitTorrent May Overtake Similar Platforms Like Instagram and Snapchat.

One major objective of the Tron team is to decentralize the whole internet via blockchain technology, that users can produce and transfer contents without third parties like youtube, facebook, Instagram, etc.

According to Tron CEO, blockchain should be used as a means of providing solutions not as a scheme to get rich.

BitTorrent Offers Incentives

Using BitTorrent is profitable compared to other similar platforms, like youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Though it is free to operate on these platforms, users don’t make money using them.

BitTorrent has tokenized incentives for seeding files which enable users to earn a token for downloading files. This incentive is so alluring, that users may not be able to resist.

Faster Downloading Speed

BitTorrent Speed enables users to download and upload files faster in a long period using the BitTorrent. Users can share large files faster on the platform.

According to the tweet from Tron CEO, he and his team are set to bring on more on the BitTorrent that will generate higher performance.

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