Top Crypto News Aggregators

Top Crypto News Aggregators

Cryptocurrency is no longer a shady thing to the world, nearly everybody is aware of happenings in that realm. However, there are countless number of information in the space that are not true owing to poor pieces of data that are being dished out on daily basis.

To get facts from numerous information that we are always inundated with, there is need to have a reputable cryptocurrency aggregator site to check and confirm the authenticity of an information, and get fully updated at all time.

News aggregator sites are go-to in a situation where one is not sure of what to follow when there are confusing information on the internet. This is because new aggregator sites pull information from numerous website.

In this wise, one needs to be careful as well when selecting news aggregator sites. To avert worries which may arise when you need to select a dependable news aggregator site, we have carefully reviewed some below:


Top Crypto News Aggregators

Launched in 2013 as a cryptocurrency news blog, Coinspectator has been that respected news aggregator with up to date information from the source.

It has section for ICO and market prices for popular coins, Coinspectator portrays a clear picture of news aggregation than any other known platform.

It is completely free, and gives crypto enthusiasts, investors and traders the opportunity to monitor a large number of news source instantly.


Top Crypto News Aggregators

For those looking for a great cryptocurrency aggregator, no doubt, cryptopanic is one outstanding platform among the many unveiled to satisfy people in this realm. It pulls articles from respected cryptocurrency websites, reddits, and Twitter. When a crypto issue is trending, be rest assured, cryptopanic will place it on their platform.

Cryptopanic is the most popular crypt news aggregator known. It is a place to visit when info regarding crypto price and market are needed.

You can decide to mark news on this platform with three ticks: bullish, bearish and important. While it has pro version which is $9 every month, it is still hard to differentiate between its paid or free version.


Top Crypto News Aggregators

Crypto investors have a reason to follow Coinlib. It is an all in one crypto news aggregator. With its well-designed analysis tools and awesome graphics and graphs. Coinlib displays Market fluctuations and prices of cryptocurrencies. With its unmatched interface, crypto enthusiasts have a platform to depend on any time any day.


Many crypto enthusiasts confirm the colorfulness and brightness of CryptoControl. In fact, it stands out among news aggregator platforms.

It is designed for investors, traders, and enthusiasts who want to track news from multiple  coins with just a click .

CryptoControl is ahead with the way it tracks news from mainstream sources, crypto websites, and social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, among others.


Top Crypto News Aggregators

GoCharting has numerous functions. Aside being among the top crypto news aggregator platform, it also has support for stocks with around 4,000 symbols and indices. It lists over 2000 cryptocurrencies and pairs providing information on each and every as their news break.

GoCharting’s pattern of news aggregations is incomparable. With distinct news from myriads of platforms and sources, GoCharting provides crypto and stock enthusiasts required tools and information to stand ahead of others.

Conclusion: We will keep adding more top crypto news aggregation websites to this article the moment we find more.

NOTE: If you feel your crypto news aggregation platform should be added,  mail us on and tell us why your platform is atop the rest.

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